Applied Engineering


Schedule of Team Presentations 

Anthony Hall, 1st Floor, Room 1145

 Time       Team                                                                              

8:30        Bath Township
Project: Road Extension: An Enabler for Bath Township

8:55        Habitat for Humanity
Project: Redesigning MRDC Basic Operating Premise

9:20        MSU Office of Sustainability
Project: MSU Sustainability Eco Rep Program

9:45        MSU Office of Sustainability
Project: MSU Sustainable Incentive Plan


10:00    Break                                                                              

10:30       Michigan Biotechnology Institute
Project: Value Chain for Thermo Polyurethane Foam

10:55        XG Sciences
Project: Applications of Graphene Nanoplatelets as a Heat Spreader

11:20       Chrysler
Project: Standard Part Classification and Movement

11:45        Peckham
Project: Increasing Efficiency: The Patagonia Jungle Shirt