Mechanical Engineering


Team Project Exhibits

The Mechanical Engineering capstone projects are on exhibit in the Engineering Building from 8:00 a.m. until noon. The exhibits are located in the 1200 hallway.

Admission is free and open to the public. Visitors are welcome.

Team Presentations

Throughout the morning, the capstone teams give formal presentations in Engineering Building Rooms 1202, 1208 and 1220. The team that produces the most outstanding technical design project is presented with the Thomas Alva Edison Design Award; the team that gives the best technical project presentation receives the ME 481 Project Presentation Award.

Schedule of Presentations

Engineering Building Room 1202

 Time       Sponsor    

8:30       Kautex Textron
Project: Improved Assembly of Fuel Tanks

9:00       IAC
Project: Design of a Carpet Transfer System

9:30       Ingersoll Rand
Project: Redesigned Street-Elbow Assembly Process

10:00      Ingersoll Rand
Project: Removal System for a Fan Motor

10:30       Tenneco Inc.
Project: Improved Catalytic Converter Assembly Process

11:00       Meritor
Project: Lightweight Trailer-Axle Hub

11:30       Marathon
Project: Hazardous-Vapor Isolation Plug for Pipelines

Schedule of Presentations

Engineering Building Room 1208

 Time       Sponsor  

8:30       Michigan AgrAbility
Project: Redesign of a Skid-Steer Vehicle for Ease of Access

9:00       ArcelorMittal
Project: Exhaust Gas Sensor for an Annealing Furnace

9:30       Robert Bosch
Project: Waste Heat Recovery System for Vehicles

10:00      EPA
Project: Efficient Heating of a Dilution Tunnel

10:30      Hitachi
Project: Test Bench for Direct-Injection Fuel Systems

11:00       Tenneco Inc.
Project: Design of a Passive Exhaust Valve

11:30       Whirlpool
Project: Design of an Appliance Pedestal Attachment

Schedule of Presentations

Engineering Building Room 1220

 Time       Sponsor 

8:30       Trickl-eez/MSU Dept of Entomology
Project: Advanced Orchard Spraying System

9:00       Michigan Seamless Tube
Project: Evaluation of Eddy Current Heating of Pipelines

9:30        Heartwood School
Project: Therapeutic Mechanical Pony

10:00      Hitachi
Project: Redesign of a Variable Timing Camshaft

10:30       Ford Motor Company
Project: Dynamic Friction Rig for Driveline Joints

11:00       Ford Motor Company
Project: Automated Assembly of Vehicle Fascia

11:30       Fiat Chrysler
Project: Design and Simulation of Automatic Transmissions