Mechanical Engineering Project Videos

DG1 – Steel Coil Banding Station

DG2 – ArcelorMittal: Coil Rebanding Station

DG3 – Cleveland-Cliffs Coil Reprocess Station

DG5 – Uninterrupted Service Replacements

DG6 – Ingham County School District

DG7 – Outdoor Movement / Story Path

DG8 – Ingham County School District Heartwood School

DG9 – Sampling System for Hypothesized Surfaces

DG10 – Sample Acquisition

DG10F – NASA Hypothesized Surface Group

DG11 – Design of a Conference Table: Passive Damping System

DG14 – Lift for Zeke

DG15 – Carrier Pinyon Retention Feature

DG16 – Back-support Brace for Women

DG17 – Designing and Building a Powered Trolley for a Beehive Crane

DG18 – Beehive Tongs

DG19 – Dumbwaiter

DG20 – Dumbwaiter Device

DG21 – Flash Steelworks: Armor Door

DG22 – Bullet Resistant Door

DG23 – Octave Band Equalizer Tool

DG24 – ISD E-Bike

DG25 – Spartan Flyer

DG26 – MSU Spartan Flyer

DG27 – HPVC Aerodynamic Design

DG28 – Inclusive Sports Wheelchair Phase IV

DG29 – MSU Adaptive Sports and Recreation Club Sled Hockey Transfer Platform

DG30 – Evaluate the Location of the Upper Deck and Carousel

DG31 – Bio-Digester Liquid Movement Processing Design

DG32 – Accessible Cutting Board