ME 497/MKT 420 – Spring 2024

ME 497 Biomechanical Design

Dr. Tamara Reid Bush
Professor and Interim Chair
of Mechanical Engineering

MKT 420 New-Product Development

Dr. Hang Nguyen
Assistant Professor of
Marketing Business College

Biomechanical Design and New-Product Development

The Biomechanical Design and New-Product Development course (ME 497/MKT 420) provides students with a unique opportunity to develop and market a real, new product that incorporates biomechanical function. Students work in inter-disciplinary teams of engineers and marketers and experience the entire process of new product development, from need identification, concept generation and testing, to product development, design analysis and launch. This course further strengthens students’ knowledge and real-world exposure by working with Spartan Innovations. This year General Motors provided $100 per team for prototyping costs and the Mechanical Engineering Department Endowment sponsored an in-class competition providing awards to the top three product ideas.

#Team MembersTeam Slogan
01Luke Aman, Alexa Garavaglia, Ella Germack, Taylor Page, Ben Van Hove, Trent WarrenSit Assist: Squat Easy, Move Freely – The sit assist is a stationary single-leg seat assistance device with incorporated seat hinges to assist the initial squat. It securely fastens onto the weaker leg, aiding in the motion of sitting down and standing up while distributing some weight-bearing load onto the device.
02Sean Blanchard, Joe Castiglia, Charlie Meilinger, Sam Stefanek, Gavin Watthayu, Ethan WiseAdapt-a-Grip: Attachment to assist those with hand/wrist disabilities to be able to participate in racket sports such as tennis, badminton, pickleball, etc.
03Blake Bur, Mason Dalrymple, Haley Heykoop, Lucy Kiloustian, Jacob Rubino, Michael StakitsCrush It: Pop can and garbage compactor that can be easily set up and stored in the household.
04Emilia Breuning, Sydney Bush, Daniel Erfani Zachi Yazd, Ryan Harth, Jordyn Porter, Emma WhiteOne Trip Wonder: A shopping cart with an adjustable height that loads right into the trunk of the car with minimal effort from the user.
05Therese Gordon, David Kurylo, Emma Luzbetak, Hailee Maynard, Cy RamsaySafe Stride: Revolutionary walker that allows a normal gait while providing constant support and moving with you step by step.
06Reagan Ferschweiler, Braeden Keener, Paige Miller, Logan Nicks, Maya PatelAdaptStride: Transformable crutch-to-walker medical assistance device.
07Gabriel Birchmeier, Alex Johnson, Jimmy King, Adolfo Lopez, Luke Naughton, Kenny YueHandi-Cane: An object retrieval cane with elevator motion.
08Absolutely Trashed: An easy lift device for a trash bin so that the trash bag and contents do not get stuck at the bottom of the bin.Anti-Slip Shoe Grip: “All grip, no slip” A holder to assist users with putting on their shoes
09Emilia Jakuc, Maggie Le, Tessi Lila, Maya McRae, Abby Pankey, Serena PrinceThe Boxer (Box Crusher): Don’t be crushed by an unwanted labor – let the Boxer handle it!
10Andre Johnson, Ethan Smith, Grace Thompson, Emerson Voss, Zachary WyrickChairbrella: An attachment to connect an umbrella to a wheelchair and assist users in opening and closing it using a lever and scissor jack.
11Daniel Carrillo-Solis, Deniz Farmaka, Abdallah Hamad, Fallou Mbengue, Anna Winkler, Allison ZaluskiFlexiStep Recovery Platform: A platform that helps people with knee injuries to give more mobility when getting off the bed independently and prevent any further risks of injuries for a better recovery process.