ME 497/MKT 420 – Spring 2023

ME 497 Biomechanical Design

Dr. Tamara Reid Bush
Professor and Interim Chair
of Mechanical Engineering

MKT 420 New-Product Development

Dr. Hang Nguyen
Assistant Professor of
Marketing Business College

Biomechanical Design and New-Product Development

The Biomechanical Design and New-Product Development course (ME 497/MKT 420) provides students with a unique opportunity to develop and market a real, new product that incorporates biomechanical function. Students work in inter-disciplinary teams of engineers and marketers and experience the entire process of new product development, from need identification, concept generation and testing, to product development, design analysis and launch. This course further strengthens students’ knowledge and real world exposure by working with Spartan Innovations. This year General Motors provided $100 per team for prototyping costs and the Mechanical Engineering Department Endowment sponsored an in-class competition providing awards to the top three products.

#Team MembersTeam Slogan
01Nicolas Basirico, Matt Baylis, Valentin Borjas, Van Duong, Kyle Pahl, Hunter VandenbosschePet Elevator: “Raising your pet to new heights” An elevator system to assist lifting your pet
02Nick DeBaker, Kaytlyn Gannon, Bennett Guensche, Dylan Huck, Jordan Piatek, Ben RichardUnlockware: “Unlockware anywhere”
03Haley Denton, Zoey Gendler, Nicholas Lauinger, Vedi Patel, Anna Traumuller, Nathan WrightClose Up: “Close the door on back pain” An automatic assist with the dishwasher
04Justin Gauthier, Jonathan Kaplan, Nathan Karns, Mert Ozmete, Jessica Ray, Grant SonnenbergQuick Click: “Lock and Load” A system to quickly lock a wheelchair user into a rollercoaster
05Ellie Bartholomew, Kathleen Dewan, Emily Laing, Bella Rallis, Sophie WeitzelSlickSoap: “How can something so clean be so dirty?” A novel device for soap dispensing
06Ryan Bolio, Liam Gough, Parker Grover, Wil Jozwiak, Benjamin JuganAdjustaGrip: “Your health is in your hands” A universal weight- lifting device
07Erin Chynoweth, Ellie Clark, Victoria Gavilan, Katherine Martin, Courtney SmithThe Hockey Helper: “Get into the swing of things” A wheelchair assist device for using a hockey stick
08Grace Elder, Rachel Hulbert, Josh Ilkka, Lauren Osiwala, Josh SobanskiAnti-Slip Shoe Grip: “All grip, no slip” A holder to assist users with putting on their shoes
09Mickey Atnafe, Osh Mwakwari, Jordan Robinson, Matthew Russell, Dhruv WadhawanEZCap: “Twist, sip, and seal with ease – EZCap” A new design for your beverage lid
10Taku Benson, Jillian Dempsey, Amanda Jeffers, Gerald Perry, Noah ShephardClutch Up: “Life within reach” A novel, adjustable grabbing device for elevated items
11Ben Alonso, Nico Bakenhus, Gabe Dillon, Ben Mutz, Jacob Rupprecht, Jack SalisburyFlex Boot: “Heal Simply” A home rehab system for the ankle
12Diya Banerjee, Brendan Doane, Brandon Gonzalez, Nathan Kowalski, Cole Lutkenhoff, Judith VazquezSky Stroller: “Stroll your worries away” A way to connect your stroller and luggage while traveling
13Al Aiyash, Michael DuFresne, Sara Purdue, Carson Roodbeen, Zachary WhalenHelping Hand: Assisting those who struggle with fine motor skills in their hands with stabilization and hand-grip capability