ME 497/MKT 420 – Spring 2022

ME 497 Biomechanical Design

Dr. Tamara Reid Bush
Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering

MKT 420 New-Product Development

Dr. Hang Nguyen
Assistant Professor
Marketing Business College

Biomechanical Design and New-Product Development

The Biomechanical Design and New-Product Development course (ME 497/MKT 420) provides students with a unique opportunity to develop and market a real, new product that incorporates biomechanical function. Students work in inter-disciplinary teams of engineers and marketers and experience the entire process of new product development, from need identification, concept generation and testing, to product development, design analysis and launch. This course further strengthens students’ knowledge and real-world exposure by working with Spartan Innovations. This year General Motors provided $100 per team for prototyping costs, and the Mechanical Engineering Department Endowment sponsored an in-class competition providing awards to the top three product ideas.

#Team MembersTeam Slogan
01Ben Gaynier, Parks Gissinger, Cade Rathbone, Maggie Ritchie, Sophia SwieckiThe Shoe-In: A hands-free shoe assist device (Putting on your shoes has never been easier)
02Emma Clawson, Jon Cruz, Garrett Ruhala, Chris Sadler, Michael YaminCrutch-Claw: “Reach No Further”
03Wyatt Cool, Jack Falardeau, Steven Souphis, Grace Veenstra, Max WiedemannChair-Roids: “The ultimate way to juice up your chair, a convenient and versatile way to exercise the upper body right from the wheelchair”
04Allison Keller, David Lawless, Amanda Miner, Lila Ninotti, Olivia Simone, Jerica TallmanStraight-Up: Simple chair attachment to correct posture while sitting
05Will Brendlinger, Bryn Dittmar, Maddy McKown, Rob Paquette, Trevor StephensonPocket Crutch: “The crutch that comes in clutch”
06Heather Kulkis, Nicholas Michaels, Vigneshwer Ramamoorthi, Olivia Reyes, Kainnon VilminotGrowKart: A garden cart that helps you up.
07Katie Bieszke, Kaitlyn Blazo, Brittany Bush, Alex Grotjohn, Nicole Kowalski, Lucas St JohnThumb360: An inovation in brace technology that helps strengthen, heal, and to live life painlessly
08Jennifer Blowers, Paige Cordts, Chloe Gunther, Rhett Pimentel, Katharine Walters, Claire WellerThrone Alone: Increase bathroom independence with the use of the toilet assist
09Kobie Davis, Anna McClellan, Anthony Pero, Bridgeen Shapton, Tommy WierzbickiThe Anchor Arm: A device designed for individuals who struggle with muscular weakness and need assistance with lifting and moving the arm in any environment
10Joe Fantin, Erica Igwe, Logan Malak, Adam Van Gieson, Tamia WilsonEVA (Ergonomic Vest Arm): Clasp it and grasp it
11Michael Bachleda, Sean Brady, Ginger Haller, Jack Lambrix, Matt StuckyErgoNomics: Ergonomic advancement to the I.V. pole in order to assist in smoothly raising and lowering the pole with one hand.
12Grace Biebly, Kylie Decker, Grace Kruger, Claire McMillen, Hailey Minton, Hailey SwamySafe-Rail: A collapsible, portable support railing to assist disabled and elderly users to propel themselves to a standing position
13Miel Edwards, Leah Kiura, Kace Krauss, Olivia Lage, Ash McKesson, Jax PrusakiewiczEZ Grip: A device created for people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and need to pick up items without using hand-finger grip strength