ME 478 Product Development – Spring 2024

Haseung Chung

Haseung Chung
Associate Professor of

Mechanical Engineering

Design and Demonstrate a Mechanical System for 3D Printing

The objective is to develop a system which can transport a 157g rectangular piece straight and fast.

The requirements of the system are:

  1. The system must travel at least 10m.
  2. There is no restriction in design and size, but the possible
    potential energy must be prepared on-site only by the motor (pre-prepared energy source such as compressed air or gas cannot be used).
  3. Each team can purchase any necessary components for their system within a given budget (maximum $200) other than two motors which can be provided in the class if needed.

Evaluation criteria:

  1. The designed transportation system must travel in a straight line up to 10m. The deviation can be evaluated by the value (e.g. angle or distance) from the straight line in the end point.
  2. The amount of time the system takes to travel 10m will be recorded and reflected in the grade.
  3. Each team can have three chances and the evaluation will be based on the best trial.

If necessary, the electric motors can be controlled by MyRio, which will be provided. Starting from an individual project and progressing into a team project, each team must produce the transportation system through a series of design and manufacturing tasks. Each student needs to contribute individually as well as collaboratively to accomplish a series of tasks. CAD/CAM packages, CNC machining, rapid prototyping, and testing, etc. will be used to produce the system. Finally, teams will demonstrate their system on Design Day. The details of the designed system will be presented before Design Day.

Teams and Team Members

Group 1
Mustafa Alobaidi
Ethan Avery
Steven Coscino
Ryan Prost

Group 2
Matthew Celini
Bennett Guensche
Austin Pier
Garrett Puehler

Group 3
Ben Arkles
Sara Moscone
Luke Muller
Jon Paul

Group 4
Ian Calandrino
Olivia Lyle
Elizabeth Sharkevich

Group 5
Jacob Kunka
Michael Maser
Justin Schmitz
Cameron Tsivitse

Group 6
Rishabh Ainapurapu
Jacob Rhue
Christian Takla
Qifan Weng

Group 7
Ben Lemke
Kyle Pahl
Miko Parkinson
Logan Trierweiler

Group 8
Gunnar Carroll
Jacob Greca
Ali Lewis
Kate Nolan

Group 9
Jonathon Fudala
Ian Ladd
Jackson Rayer