ME 478 Product Development, Spring 2021

3D Printing Machine

The objective is to design, produce and demonstrate a ‘conceptual design’ of a ‘metallic’ 3D printing machine whose requirements are: 1) The part must be printed in a 10cm x 10cm x 10cm envelope; 2) The powder must be deposited in a layer-by-layer fashion with the maximum thickness of each layer of 1mm; 3) The system must generate a full density part.

There is complete freedom over how to approach this design project. However, one default approach is to develop an automated mixing and depositing system of a photopolymer – metal powder mixture which can be adopted by 3D printing machine.

The requirements of the system are as follows: 1) The system should be capable of combining and homogeneously mixing a solution of 1:4 weight ratio of olive oil and sand (i.e., 5 grams of oil and 20 grams of sand) instead of photopolymer and metal powder; 2) The olive oil mixed with sand should be deposited on a 10cm x 10cm platform in a weight controlled manner.

Presumably, the system might consist of 1) A material supplying module: This module is capable of adding sand and oil into the mixer with a specific weight ratio; 2) A mixing module: Blend the oil and sand together until the solution is homogeneous; 3) A deposition module: Deposit a certain amount of the mixed solution (20 grams) onto a platform; 4) A printing module: Digital Light Projector to selectively cure photopolymer; 5) A release module (concept): A part must be free from the base or powder- liquid resin mixture.