ME 412 Heat Transfer Laboratory – Spring 2023

Yuping Wang
Academic Specialist
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Cooling with a Vortex Tube

Among a variety of cooling systems that are designed to meet thermal management needs, the vortex tube cooler has some distinct advantages and is found in many applications in spot cooling or enclosure cooling (such as machining tool cooling and CPU cooling). A Ranque-Hilsch vortex tube is a simple, compact, light mechanical device that separates a single inflow of compressed air into two outflows – one hot and one cold. For this project, each student team is to design, build, analyze, and test a vortex tube. The objective is to provide sufficient cooling to a heat-generating spot. Through the process, students are expected to understand the operating principles of vortex tubes and to analyze/predict its performance with existing models. A second part of the project is for each team to conduct a review on cooling methods in general. On the testing day, compressed air and temperature measurement instrumentation will be provided. Each team will have 15 minutes to set up, demonstrate, and disassemble their device. In addition, they will also prepare a power-point slide show or video clip for the audience to explain their design decisions, fabrication, operation and analysis of their device.

8:00ANicholas Coubard, Andrew Culver, Nathan Phelps, Logan Wells
BChak Kwok, Zachary Lang, Ryan Pawlowski, Nicholas Sarver, David Shim
8:15AJon Droste, Noah Goldman, Dexter Lynch, Bhanu Makkapati, Faizan Malik
BMickey Atnafe, Brandon Esquivel, Ayaan Rajabali, Tom Seaman
8:30ABen Finkbeiner, Jack Girling, Jonathan Jenkins, Connor Witham, Siyuan Zhang
BJyotiraditya Chavan, Carson Kipp, Dan Mo, Zack Peterson, Matt Phelan
8:45AJohn Andres, Hailey Kelley, Nathan Kramer, Joe Lambert, Ravi Mody
BAlexandra Iorga, Anthony Montemayor, Brady O’Shea, Jacob Rupprecht, Kai Thin
9:00ANick Dodge, Nolan Houghteling, Rachel Paul, Jessica Ray, Showgo Yoshida
BOmran Alawadhi, Paxton Angliss, Artik Chowdhury, Peter Olszewski, Kevin Roche
9:15AErin Denby, Adam Fox, Noah Gilman, Kylie Kuskowski, Jordan Piatek
BRyan-Cristofer Curamen, Muad Hassan, Vaibhav Himthani, David Olawale, Richmond Zhang
9:30AAugusto Cucala, Parker Hatherley, David LeVasseur, Tyler Paparella, Ricardo Paz Weber
BEdward Kim, Joe Nelson, Emily Peterson, Jack Whitcomb, Nathan Wright
9:45AXiaoqiu An, Valentin Borjas, Zach Kranstz, Mert Ozmete, Austin Tait
BChristian Giggy, Matthew Jasgur, Jacob Keller, Frank Rhoades, Kyle Roland
10:00APhilip Jeon, Justin Miller, Austin Shepp, Jake Stanesa, Calum Walton
BShane Beers, Sean Lickfold, Najmi Rahim, Noah Schott, Zihan Zhang
10:15ABrendan Doane, Nicholas Michaels, Joey Rheaume, Noah Shephard
BSohan Gupta, Jericho Herblet, Joe Kouchoukos, Jake Rutkowski, Michael Strong
10:30AAshley Bolt, Matthew Bush, Thanh Mai, Kevin Upcott
BBryce Houser, Jacob Huskin, Nicholas Lauinger, Connor Michel, Mitchel Semeyn
10:45ACole Lutkenhoff, Lukasz Morales, Thaz Rahman, Jack Salisbury, Gus Tsalas
BDeaven Kirn, Zach Maccoux, David Mueller, Olivia Reyes
11:00AWaabe Damboba, Ross Davis, Kathleen Dewan, Eyob Mamo, Zoe Quinn
BChristian Jaraczewski, Olivia Lage, James Tanay, Alejandro Tlatelpa
11:15ALongfei Bao, Patrick Mullaly, Andrew Reddy, David Smith, Haosen Sun
BScott Fingeroth, Arianna Finn, Nathan Jansen, David Knapp, Ciara Regan-Moore
11:30AZaid Almodhi, Jonathan Elias, Khush Patel, Evan Petersen, Wade Varney
BZachary Carpenter, Aaron Hopson, Matthew Lipscomb, Celeste Salazar, Ryleigh Turner
11:45AFaisal Alsuhaimi, Matt Candela, Derek Hanson, Dylan Huck, Matthew Price