ME 412 Heat Transfer Laboratory – Fall 2022

Yuping Wang
Academic Specialist
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Getting to Know Cooling Towers

Chilled water is needed in many thermal systems, from large industrial plants to small HVAC units, to help discharge the waste heat. Cooling towers, which can provide a continuous supply of chilled water, also vary in size and are employed in various applications. Those commonly seen are the large hyperboloid concrete structures in a powerplant or smaller metal device on a rooftop. In this project, students in ME 412 are expected to understand the operation of cooling towers through two parts of work. For the major part, each team will design, build, analyze, and test a small-scale simple cooling tower. The objective is to provide sufficient cooling to a warm water stream.

For the secondary part, each team will choose a specific type of cooling water supply unit and conduct a review on its design, application, technology, operation, and performance. On the testing day, a testing station with instrumentations for flow and temperature measurements will be available and each team will have 15 minutes to set up, demonstrate, and test their device. In addition, they will also prepare a PowerPoint slideshow or video clip for the audience to explain their design decisions, fabrication, operation and analysis of their device.

Competitive Schedule

TimeStationTeam Members
8:00AKyle Anulare, William Cilia, Katie McMillan, Spencer Stefani
BAl Hezam Aiyash, Amber Bliven, Jake Cuffaro, Greg Koenigsknecht
8:15ABill Altier, Joseph Deschaine, Richard Lin, Abdulhamid Salem
BEvan Backer, Jack Beison, Kyle Hellems, Peter Phan, Kyle Zerafa
8:30AParker Morris, Ryan Peters, Sophie Weitzel, Lesheng Zeng
BFrederick Bruner, Parker Grover, Tommy McGowan, Mark Zummallen
8:45AConnor Anderson, Aidan Dettweiler, Ethan Keppy, Zihan Zhang
BCameron Dork, Jaclyn Duff, Connor Laubach, Lucas Russell, Trent Treppa
9:00AJahzeel Alcantar Gallegos, Nick Crane, Michael Gertley, Andrew Pieper
BGianna Andriacchi, Justin de Coster, Charley Jiang, Evan Lamb, Zhe Liu
9:15AAli Mohammed Al Brahim, Nathaniel Clarke, Patrick Marchal, Nick Montpas
BDylan Gumbinger, Austin Lowien, Aisyah Mahira, Tung Nguyen
9:30ARyan Bartlett, Faith Call, Henry Horak, Noah Moyer, Meghan Parkinson
BJacob Cristofori, Sarthak Gupta, Saeha Lederle, Joe Watza
9:45AThomas Burgess, Eric Douglas, Van Duong, Mitchell Essenmacher, Connor Trask
BAlejandro Castillo, Keerthi Kothapally, Jeffrey Li, Anjali Patel, Jihoon Song
10:00AJennifer Blowers, John DiBella, Julia Fox, Jonathon Lewis, Thomas Supal
BBashhar Byrouthy, Sean Cornellier, Kailey Head, Jack Konitsney
10:15ABeth Caldwell, Atticus Crimmins, Eric Ernvall, Daniel Vance, Zach White
BJeremy Balzer, Nathan Kowalski, Tung Nguyen, Cole Treece
10:30AErin Chynoweth, Jacob Demski, Bryn Dittmar, Miguel Jarquin-Lopez, Maddy McKown
BSeth Gower, Rob Paquette, Donnie Schuster, Alex York
10:45AErik Liu, Tyler Marshall, Suven Sinha, Stephen Tamboer
BMatthew Davidson, Alex Feige, Luke Willemsen, Paul Williamson
11:00ADino Iovtchev, Anthony Pero, Shamit Topiwala, Tommy Wierzbicki