Schedule of Team Presentations 

Anthony Hall, 1st Floor, Room 1145

Time       Team                                                                              

8:20       The Block Heads
Project: A Die Block Failure: Classical or Unique

8:40       Los Tres Amigos
Project: Converse Eyeglasses Hinge Failure

9:00       D-fence
Project: Investigation of the Cause of Failure and Associated Mechanisms in Fencing Blades

9:20       Cranky Engineers
Project: Ford Crankshaft

9:40        Escape from Kroger
Project: Ford Escape Rim Fracture Analysis

10:00       Brace for Impact!
Project: Failure Analysis of an Upper Puck Pan from a Cirrus SR22 Aircraft

10:20       Breaking Waves
Project: Failure Analysis of an SEI Propeller Shaft

10:40       The Spaghetti Monsters
Project: Ceramic Dinner Plate Failure Analysis

11:00        Shearing Hubs
Project: Metallographic Failure Analysis of a Shear Hub

11:20        Don’t die (Casting)
Project: Die-cast Aluminum Idler Wheel Mount Failure