Schedule of Team Presentations

Engineering Building, Room 1145

 Time       Team                                                                              

8:30        Get A Grip!
Project: Failure Analysis of an INSTRON Tensile Testing Machine Jaw Face

9:00       A Bad Hinge Date
Project: Failure Analysis of Blum Cabinet Hinge

9:30        The Three Screw-ges
Project: Polymer Extrusion Screw Failure

10:00      Boom Vang Pow
Project: Seldén Rodkicker Rigid Vang Failure Analysis

10:30     F.C.A.P.
Project: PINNACLE Acetabular Hip System Impactor Failure

11:00      Hard Hitters
Project: Framing Hammer Failure Analysis

11:30       Fellowship of the Pin
Project: Analysis of a Differential Cross Pin