EGR 100: Introduction to Engineering Design – Spring 2023

Course Project

Dr. Jenahvive Morgan
Course Instructor

EGR 100, Introduction to Engineering Design, is a college-level course required of all incoming first-year engineering students. It is an integral part of the CoRe (Cornerstone and Residential) Experience. The course introduces students to the engineering profession and the engineering design process through team-based, interdisciplinary design projects and assignments. There are 927 students enrolled in EGR 100 this semester.

For the final course project, the student teams selected from eight project types: (i) Create a Phone App, (ii) 3D Printing CAD Drawing, (iii) Design a Mini Solar Car, (iv) Water Filtration System Design, (v) Create an Adafruit LED Circuit, (vi) Design a Battlebot, (vii) Costa Rica Community Designs, and (viii)
CoRe Industry-Sponsored Projects.
CoRe Industry- Sponsored Projects involved collaborations with Eli Lilly on Drug Manufacturing Requirements.

Fall 2022 EGR 100 Project
Award Winners

l-r: Jenahvive Morgan, Emma Delcotto, Sophia Spencer, Emma Telepo, Grace Millbauer, Tamara Reid Bush
l-r: Jenahvive Morgan, Gabriel Brewer, Mann Aswal, Claire Osborne, Tamara Reid Bush