ECE 410 Electrical and Computer Engineering – Spring 2022

Design and Characterization of a CMOS 8-bit Microprocessor Data Path

Instructor: Professor Shannon Nicley
TA Staff: Toshi Vijaywargia, Haojun Wang

Problem Statement

Students in ECE 410 were challenged to design the schematic and physical layout of an 8-bit microprocessor data path, including an Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU), a barrel shifter, and a register file, using CMOS circuitry and Cadence VLSI design tools. The resulting microprocessor datapath projects will be judged on their ability to satisfy several competing goals, including speed, minimization of area, number of operations and difficulty of the operation set.

Intel Outstanding Project Award

The Intel Outstanding Project Award ($600) will be awarded to the team that produces the best overall project, as judged by a panel of experts from industry and academia. The faculty and students of Electrical and Computer Engineering are very grateful to Intel for the generous sponsorship of this award.

Competition Schedule

Team 1
Arpitha Gowda
Pratik Joshi
Adithya Rao 

Team 2
Hyunmin Choi
Connor Schanenburger
Nicklaus Fites 

Team 3
Mason Rice
Nick DeLisle
Brooke Osterkamp 

Team 4
Joseph Divito
Michael Mackay
Rebecca Wang 

Team 5
Dylan Chaben
Matt Maser
Evan Miller 

Team 6
Timothy Cholewa
Samuel Lefurgey
Nick Zurlo 

Team 7
Daniel Hawkins
Bruno Hinojosa
Alyssa Hook

Team 8
Ethan Hopp
Anchen Xue
Bohan Zhou 

Team 9
Joshua Jennings
Sydney Johnson
Alihel Sanchez
Elioenai Vasquez 

Team 10
John Murdoch
Elijah Savoie
Jack Vezmar 

Team 11
Umar Hassan
Sam Polus
Heyi Qu
Gungeet Singh 

Team 12
Ayesha Khan
Nilay Patel
Ghazi Rizvi 

Team 13
Josiah Bostic
Sepehr Rahgozar
Adam Slavin 

Team 14
Daniel Karczmarczyk
Michael Scepka
Josh Springsteen

Team 15
Ryan Daniel
Conner Graham
Jack Wegh 

Team 16
Timothy Boyd
Hunter Gendregske
Brandon Kushion 

Team 17
Spencer Barrer
Ryan Doyle
Alex Jones 

Team 18
Ethan Galdikas
Shashank Gowda
Spenser Lafferty 

Team 19
Kent Bazman
Dominick Campbell
Ryan Zboril