ECE 101 – Spring 2022

Problem Statement

ECE 101 is an elective course introducing freshman students to Electrical and Computer Engineering through a series of unique/ innovative hands-on flipped laboratory experiments linked to Smartphones, App development and creative research/teaching approaches. The experiments include (a) MATLAB Mobile, (b) App Inventor, (c) Ohm’s Law Simulation and Testing, (d) Smart Bracelets for Health Monitoring, (e) Smartphone Digital Microscope, (f) Smartphone Controlled LED/Motor using Bluetooth Module and Microcontroller, and (g) Microcontroller Programming using a Smartphone-based IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

Team MembersProject Title
Sophia Greco, Adam Jaraki, Sawyer McClure, Ashton QuinnGroup 1: Blink Morse Code
Chase Graham, Noah Petrovski, Camdyn ReissGroup 2: Arduino Project
Matthew Hein, Ethan Helmer, Evan Smith, Henry VergowvenGroup 3: Blink Morse Code
Jaclyn Bommarito, Pranshu Dixit, Hanbyul LeeGroup 4: Blink LED
Salomon Beyloune, Brody Keeley, Raymond Smith, Brody ZurvalecGroup 5: Arduino Project
Akash Bedi, Roman Kizyma, Jon Toomey, Satwik VejandlaGroup 6: Arduino Project
Scott Andrews, Tea Comai, Owen Gray, Griffin SchoenerGroup 7: Audio Modifer
Zach Johansen, Alex Kraus, Colin McNealGroup 8: Arduino Project