CSE Awards – Spring 2022

Auto-Owners Insurance Exposition Award

Team Michigan State University Linguistics

On-Premises Automatic Speech Recognition Pipeline – Presented by Tony Dean, Scott Lake and Ross Hacker

Left to Right: Eden Seo, Kyle Reinhart, Maria Irimie, Jacob Caurdy, Eason Ding

MSU Federal Credit Union Praxis Award

Team TechSmith

ViSUI: Video Simplified User Interface – Presented by April Clobes and Ben Maxim

Left to Right: Jack Koby, Jered Brophy, Erika Zheng, Averi Justice, Scott Isaacson, Diego Marzejon

Amazon Sigma Award

Team Anthropocene Institute

Wildfire Risks Forecasting Tool – Presented by Garret Gaw

Left to Right: Andrew McDonald, Jamie Schmidt, Ben Miller, Jingxian Chen, Nathan Woods, Andrew Haas

TechSmith Screencast Award

Team United Airlines Airport Operations

Performance Scorecard Automation – Presented by Wendy Hamilton, David Norris and Tony Lambert

Left to Right: Danny Lee, Guanzhang Zheng, Cynthis Trocinski, Noah Little, Griffin Klevering