CSE Awards – Spring 2021

MSU Federal Credit Union Praxis Award

Team Anthropocene Institute: Siting of Marine Turbines for Power Generation
Left to right: Charles Ye, Ben Robbins, Lindsay Guare. Ahmed Alutairi, Andrew Rebits
Presented by April Clobes, Samantha Ambergy and Ben Maxim

Auto-Owners Exposition Award

Team Consumers Energy: “Supplier Diversity Workstream and Vendor Analysis”
Left to right: Sydney Hickmott, Yirong Bao, Jess McCoy, Clare Kinery
Presented by Tony Dean, Scott Lake and Ross Hacker

Amazon Sigma Award

Team TechSmith: TechSmith Answers
Left to right: Zhehao Zhou, Spencer Novick, Rachel Allen
Presented by Garret Gaw

TechSmith Screencast Award

Team Herman Miller: Scout 2.0: Dynamic Data Visualization for Dealers
Left to right: Marc Colucci, Pooja Panguru, Albert Asta
Presented by Wendy Hamilton, David Norris and Tony Lambert