Team Project Exhibits

The computer science capstone projects are on exhibit in the Engineering Building from 8:00am until noon.

The exhibits are located in the first floor in the hallway parallel to Shaw Lane.

Admission is free and open to the public. Visitors are welcome.

Team Presentations to Judges

Throughout the morning, the capstone teams compete for four prestigious awards. As part of the competition, each capstone team gives a formal presentation to a panel of judges in Engineering Building Room 3405, which is located on the third floor of the Engineering Building.

Visitors, including family members and corporate sponsors, are encouraged to attend. The schedule of presentations is given below.

Schedule of Team Presentations 

Room 3405 Engineering Building

 Time       Sponsor

7:15      Amazon
Project: Browser Sharing for Customer Suppprt

7:26       Aptiv
Project: Analysis of Autonomous Vehicle Testing Video

7:37       Auto-Owners
Project: Secretary of State (SoS) Software Robot

7:48       Consumers Energy
Project: New Customer Service Channel

7:59     Dow
Project: AR Model Management Platform

8:10       DRIVEN-4
Project: Product Development Portfolio and Planning

8:21       Evolutio
Project: AppDynamics Platform Configuration Tool

8:32       Ford
Project: Greenfield Labs SHARED Locker System

8:43      Google
Project: Kubernetes Cluster Inspection Tool 

8:54      Herman Miller
Project: Office Navigation Using Augmented Reality Cluster Inspection Tool 

9:05       Humana
Project: Technology Peripheral Inventory Predictor

9:16       Meijer
Project: aislePerks: Location-Based Personalized Shopping

9:27       Michigan State University HPCC
Project: Simplifying High Performance Computing

9:38    Michigan State University ITS
Project: Group Project Organization and Scheduling

9:49      Mozilla
Project: Optimizing Firefox Localization

10:00     MSUFCU
Project: AutoBudget Chatbot

10:11      Principal
Project: Integrated Analyst Ratings and Notes

10:22     Proofpoint
Project: Defeating Malware Payload Obfuscation

10:33     Spectrum Health
Project: Patient Training Tool

10:44     Surge Solutions
Project: xOS: Visualization of Automated Underwiring

10:55    Technology Services Group
Project: Multi-Video Case Management

11:06    TechSmith
Project: Internal Telemetry for TechSmith Products

11:17    Union Pacific
Project: Railroad Arcade

11:28      United Airlines
Project: Training Scheduling and Optimization System

11:39       Urban Science
Project: Dealer4U

11:50       Volkswagen
Project: Cognitive Enterprise Software Robots