Each Civil and Environmental Engineering team is responsible for developing a design that addresses environmental, geotechnical, hydrological, pavement, transportation, and structural issues for the project. A student project manager coordinates each team. Design reports are judged by the faculty; progress reports and the oral presentations are judged by a board of practicing professionals.

The Fall 2019 project and teams were:


A Grand New Crossing

A community organized project has proposed a new pedestrian bridge crossing the Grand River in downtown Lansing. The bridge will link downtown with the Lansing River Trail and provide improved access to the Impression 5 Science Museum and RE Olds Transportation Museum. In addition, the city of Lansing will develop a pocket park and outdoor classroom on the east bank of the Grand River. This project demonstrates continued enhancement of pedestrian and non-motorized infrastructure leveraging the riverfront as a natural asset to the community. Figure 1 depicts the planned project vicinity as described.

The preliminary engineering design must identify infrastructure improvements necessary to procure this project for construction. In conjunction with this project, part of the Lansing Board of Water and Light water treatment plant is being evaluated for potential redevelopment into a craft brewery. The students evaluate the production capacity with regards to water use and wastewater production.

Key to primary roles and responsibilities of each team member:
E = Environmental
H = Hydrology
P = Pavements
PM = Project Manager
S = Structures
T = Transporation

Team 1: Capital City Contractors

Team Members (L-R): Madelyn Hanton (H), Brady Veine (T), Masoud Alraqibah (P), Molly Ehasz (PM), Mitchell Murrell (E), Anne Heidelberg (P), Yin Liu (S)

Team 2: Civil Solutions

Team Members, Back Row (L-R): Sergio Amaya (S), Andrew Banitt (E), Jerzy Kolanowski (P) Front Row (L-R): Amber Stanek (T), Shane Lampe (PM)

Team 3: SBA Engineering

Team Members (L-R): Kristina Crimmins (H), Steven Andooparambil (P), Paige McClintock (PM), Jeffery Lorencen (E), Natasha Sonck (T), Rece Shankleton (S)

Team 4: Ingle SES

Team Members (L-R): Danielle Marrone (E), Thomas Thibault (PM), Luke Daoust (P), William Schubert (H), Matthew Motz (T), Alexander Go (S)

Team 5: Capital City Consultants

Team Members (L-R): Matthew Hadar (S), Eli Saffell (E), Peter Baker (H), Harry Julien (PM), Allison Hartman (T), Ashley Astor (P)

Team 6: Mid-Michigan Associates

Team Members (L-R): Joao Almeida (E), Jack Puscas (P), Ana Butler- Telleria (E), Andrew Ellsworth (S), Isheanesu Chiswanda (S), Ethan Frakes (PM), Garrik Slawski (H), Garrett Preston (T)

Team 7: Spartan Engineering Services

Team Members, Back Row (L-R): Ben Schafer (S), Colton Morrow (PM), Justice Bennett (T), Eric Metz (P) Front Row (L-R): Cait Campbell (E), Lilli Celovski (H)