Each Civil and Environmental Engineering team is responsible for developing a design that addresses environmental, geotechnical, hydrological, pavement, transportation, and structural issues for the project. A student project manager coordinates each team. Design reports are judged by the faculty; progress reports and the oral presentations are judged by a board of practicing professionals.

The Fall 2019 project and teams were:


McLaren Greater Lansing New $450 million Health Care Campus

McLaren Greater Lansing will consolidate operations at its two south Lansing facilities into one new $450 million hospital on what was once farmland near Michigan State University. The new health care campus will be developed on land acquired from the MSU Foundation in the foundation’s University Corporate Research Park between Collins Road and US-127 south of Forest Road. Work on the project will begin in spring of 2019 and should be completed by 2021. This new hospital represents an expanding partnership between Michigan State University and McLaren Health Care for the advancement of research and education in human health.

The new facility will have 240 beds, a cancer center and an ambulatory care center. The building will be nine stories tall and have 18 operating rooms. Nine student-lead teams have proposed preliminary design solutions for this highly complex project site. Their design covers aspects of the structural framing and foundations of the main hospital building, traffic impact and site circulation including driveways and parking lots, storm water collection and conveyance systems, and the treatment of environmentally regulated waste products from the hospital. This project provides an excellent opportunity for students to see the context of their design in real circumstances

Key: E = Environmental, G = Geotechnical, H = Hydrology, P = Pavements, PM = Project Manager S = Structures, and T = Transportation


Team 1: Beaumont Engineering 

Left to Right: Michael Grazioli (H), Matthew Thompson (G), Perpetual Koech (S), Logan Devereaux (T), Sydney Waynic (E), Luke Dionise (P), Anna Kayser (PM), Bob Urban (E)


Team 2: Seven Engineering Consultants

Left to Right: Dan Kim (P), Mitch Egan (T), Sean Powell (H), Matthew Marx (G), Yash Roy (PM), Chaoyi Shi (E), Ibrahim Alinaizi (S)


Team 3: G.S. LAND Associates

Top (l-r): Garet Rice (P), Liam Dwyer (H), Michael Ridley (G), Neil Guest (E) Bottom (l-r): Abrar Aldhamen (S), Alexandra Fischer (PM), Sydney Garner (T), Daniel Hong (E)


Team 4: Red Cedar Consulting 

Top (l-r): John DeLang (G), Chris Miller (S), Ali Alahbabi (T), Brandon Walker (P) Bottom (l-r): Chuck Whetsone (E), Rachel Zywiczynski (PM), Sydney Salit (H), Chaoliang Zhang (E)


Team 5: GreenWay Engineering

Top (l-r): Ian Lindsay (T), Evan Flashner (H), Jake JaBaay (P) Middle (l-r): Alina Viehweber (PM), Clark VandenBossche (S), Nura Aden (E) Bottom (l-r): Nico Saco (G), Nate Coffin (E)


Team 6: NexGen Engineering

Left to Right: Amber Mote (E), Iesha Bush (E), Jack Fox (P), Renae Sagorski (S), Joe Farrington (S), Lydea Noye (H), Garrett Shafer (T), Carly Cohen (PM),


Team 7: Big Dog Consulting, Inc.

Left to Right: Cameron Alvado (G), Thomas Horak (H), Andrew Sjogren (PM), Adam Marshall (E), Kellen Boyd (T), Sahira Melo (S), Briana Wendland (E), William Zatezalo (P)


Team 8: Sparta Engineering

Left to Right: Mario Meo (PM), Brendan Wrobel (H), Majedah Alruwaily (P), Kyle Smith (G), Hannah Sislow (E), Steven Meister (T), Matthew Walz (E), Chan Park (S)


Team 9: S&E Inc.

Left to Right: Josh Eisenman (E), Erin Emmanuel (T), Danielle Garlington (P), Megan Duda (H), Vincenzo Vultaggio (PM), Ben Silvi (E), Kody Yee (S), Joel Arseneault