CE Projects – Spring 2024

Dr. Anthony Ingle
Teaching Specialist

Undergraduates in civil and environmental engineering must take CE 495. This capstone course prepares students for the workplace by providing an experience with the following challenges:

  • A project with multiple issues that must be resolved using civil and environmental engineering knowledge;
  • Formulation of conceptual solutions and resolution of conflicting design elements;
  • Development of plans that comply with regulations and provide a basis for cost estimates;
  • Balancing individual responsibility and group participation in a team based effort;
  • Preparation of written reports and oral presentations.

Each team is responsible for developing a design that addresses environmental, hydrological, pavement, structural, and transportation issues for the project. A student project manager coordinates each team. Design reports are judged by the faculty; progress reports and the oral presentations are judged by a board of practicing professionals.

Faculty Advisors: Professors Haider, Ingle, Kumar, Kutay, Li, Masten, Zockaie
Faculty Advisors: Professors Haider, Ingle, Kumar, Kutay, Li, Masten, Zockaie

Consumers Energy New Lansing Operations Center

Consumers Energy is relocating their existing Lansing service center for gas and electric operations to a proposed site located at the southeast corner of Canal Road and Billwood Highway in Windsor Township, Michigan. The new facility will include office space for staff and work crews with an estimate of over 200 employees. Additionally, the new site includes critical warehouse storage space for materials and tools used in the maintenance, repair, and construction of gas and electric utility distribution lines. Exterior covered storage is required for operational vehicles and equipment, while additional indoor space is required for shop fabrication and repair work as well as heavy equipment repairs and maintenance.

The existing 78-acre site is mostly undeveloped and once housed a few small residential structures. The above ground portions of these former structures were previously demolished, and their foundations remain. The southern portion of the site contains large areas where development will be restricted due to the location of wetlands. Site development requirements include: a truck well and loading dock; fenced secure material and vehicle storage areas; new paved parking; storage yard; water detention; and solar power generation array.

Consumers Energy New Lansing Operations Center

Key to Team Roles: E=Environmental H=Hydrology PM=Project Manager T=Transportation G=Geothermal P=Pavements S=Structures


Team 1: Red Cedar Engineering Group

Left to right: Eddie Klenow (G), Gerrit Cramer (P), Bella Mara (H), James Roulo (S), Josh Finamore (PM), Kelsey Henry (E), Will Barrot (T)


Team 2: East Lansing Engineering

Left to right: Kahlil Turner (G), Hadeel Rass (E), Liam Murphy (P), Nowreen Kabir (E), Tawfeek Shetiah (S), Alya Alaskar (H),
Khyrel Threlkeld (T), Ryanne Shaw (PM)


Team 3: Straits & Company

Left to right: Back Row, Pranesh Bhandari (G), Nick Broda (E), William Bailey (T), Matthew Meyers (P), Aaron Masacek (S), Front Row, Katy Foss (H), Madeline Rosenthal (PM), Emma Benedek (E)


Team 4: Horizon Engineers

Left to right: Spencer Litvin (T), Owen Wright (G), Grant Gattoni (E), Saige Phelps (E), Olivia Pauls (P), Suhail Saleem (H), Zach Gacioch (S), Adrien Jund (PM)


Team 5: Prestige Engineering

Left to right: Top row: Alex Wallace (E), Joe Baron (H), Tyler Mather (E), Avery Seling (S), Gracie Clark (PM), Bottom row: Kapricia Guice (P), Moe Moghrabi (T), Keagan Wendel (G)


Team 6: Spartan Associates

Left to Right: Colin Edwards (T), Dana LeFevre (PM), Andrew Carter (P), Olivia Hagan (E), Laura Hershauer (H), Sarah George t(E), Ryan Soto (S)


Team 7: Precision Construction Company

Left to Right: Enrico Lee (P), Trey Beauchamp (E), Madison Price (E), Dominic Battiata (G), Rachel Fagerman (H), Jimmy Kulas (S), Malia Evans (T), Alex Rhodes (PM)


Team 8: Engineers4Everyone

Left to right: Back row, Noah Hartman (T), Ansel Man (P), Matthew Stave (S), Drew Barnes (E), Front row, Natalie Sheen (E), Ashley Siluk (H), Renee Kehren (PM), Adam Gasiorek (G)


Team 9: Spartan Solutions

Left to right: Sean Duffany (G), Vicki McTaggart (T), Collin Jones (S), Jillian Gray (PM), Katie Tonielli (E), Abby Righter (H), Lillia Patrick (E), Tara Bourdage (P)


Team 10: Midwest Momentum

Left to Right: Nikki Williams (G), Nicole West (T), August Galasso (P), Hannah Calender (PM), Nicholas Kurniawan (S), Ryleigh Jackson (H), Alyssa Gruda (E)

Professional Seminar Speakers

Talia Bellil, P.E.
Michigan Department of Transportation

Michele Buckler, P.E.
Diamler Automotive Group

Brad Ewart, P.E.
Soil & Materials Engineers, Inc.

Megan Jacobs, P.E.
Soil & Materials Engineers, Inc.

Steve Minton, P.E.
Michigan Department of Transportation

Leanne Panduren, P.E.
Rowe Professional Services

Robert Rayl, P.E.
RS Engineering LLC

Chuck Rolfe, P.E.
OHM Advisors

Kristen Schuster, P.E.
Michigan Department of Transportation

Alex Sherman, P.E.
Nicholson Construction

Roy Townsend, P.E.
Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation

Professional Evaluators

Engineers and scientists associated with the following firms, municipalities, and companies donated time to provide students with a practicing professional’s perspective. We gratefully acknowledge their generous contributions.

Casey Bonner, P.E.

Michele Buckler, P.E.
Diamler Automotive Group

Ryan Butler, P.E.
Consumers Energy

Erik Carlson, P.E.
Michigan Dept. of Transportation

Ashlynn Cavines, P.E.

Dan Christian, P.E.
Tetra Tech MPS

Jim Corsiglia, P.E., S.E.
Carnaghi Structural Consulting

Brian Davies, P.E.
Hubbell, Roth & Clark

Tyler Dawson, Ph.D., P.E.
NTH Consultants

Erik Dickinson, P.E.

Jordan Doddie, P.E.

Max Drenth, P.E.
Carnaghi Structural Consulting

Andrew Dykstra, P.E.
Barr Engineering Co.

Michael Ellis, P.E.
Barr Engineering Co.

Adam Gerlach, P.E.

Jayson Graves, P.E.
Soil & Materials Engineers, Inc.

Jordan Hankin
Hubbell, Roth & Clark

David Hayden, P.E.

Jon Kolbasa, P.E.
Value Engineering, LLC.

Cole Moody, P.E.

Jon O’Brock, P.E.
Materials Testing Consultants

Ralph Rezniek, P.E.
City of Dimondale

Lauren Roller, P.E.
Harley Ellis Devereaux

Sarah Ross, P.E.
Practical Engineers, Inc.

Brandon Simon, P.E.
Progressive AE

Steve Sorensen, P.E.
PEA Group

Michael Thelen, P.E.
Consumers Energy

Brandon Williams, P.E.
Spicer Group

Kyle Wilson, P.E.
Soil & Materials Engineers, Inc.