CE Projects – Spring 2023

Dr. Anthony Ingle
Teaching Specialist

Undergraduates in civil and environmental engineering must take CE 495. This capstone course prepares students for the workplace by providing an experience with the following challenges:

  • A project with multiple issues that must be resolved using civil and environmental engineering knowledge;
  • Formulation of conceptual solutions and resolution of conflicting design elements;
  • Development of plans that comply with regulations and provide a basis for cost estimates;
  • Balancing individual responsibility and group participation in a team based effort;
  • Preparation of written reports and oral presentations. Each team is responsible for developing a design that addresses environmental, geotechnical, hydrological, pavement, transportation, and structural issues for the project. A student project manager coordinates each team. Design reports are judged by the faculty; progress reports and the oral presentations are judged by a board of practicing professionals.
Faculty Advisors: Professors Cetin, Haider, Hashsham, Ingle, Kodur, Li, Zockaie

Engineering and Digital Innovation Building

The anticipated location is in the central academic district, in proximity to the Engineering Building, near the STEM Teaching and Learning Facility. Proximity to the functions that occur in these existing buildings in the central academic district is critical to the collaborative nature of the teaching, learning and research. Site evaluation will account for infrastructure requirements. Planning will set the stage for future demolition of infrastructure such as the Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture Building, the decommissioned Water Reservoir, and adaptive reuse of release space for further thematic colocation in buildings including Engineering, thereby reducing capital renewal.

The building is envisioned to comprise two components. One would be dedicated to digital learning with active classrooms, teaching laboratories, student project studios, and e-sports. The other part would be dedicated to laboratories supporting experimental and computational research, core facilities, clean rooms, and flexible modular research units; and vibrant community spaces to support informal gathering and collaboration.

The new building will support an increase in enrollment of new undergraduate students in computational sciences and digital literacy disciplines and in graduate related programs; prepare MSU graduates with skills in computational sciences and digital literacy necessary for postgraduate success; and become MSU’s center for excellence in advanced manufacturing, materials science, ultrafast science, and quantum computing including heterogeneous micro-electronic technologies.

The project should emphasize implementation of green infrastructure. Green infrastructure refers to systems and practices that use or mimic natural processes to infiltrate, evapotranspire, or harvest stormwater at its source. The University is seeking proof-of-concept level designs that examine how green infrastructure could be integrated into the particular site to meet multiple environmental, educational, and economic objectives. The development must be consistent with MSU’s campus master plan.

Aerial photo of site location and architectural rendering of building

Red Cedar Consultants

Holly Grow, Environmental
Lindsey Gawthrop, Geotechnical
Reid Gwyn, Hydrology
Brandon Strickland, Pavements
Lauren Doerr, Project Manager
Brandon Kettenbeil, Structures
AJ Raykovich, Transportation

Green Engineering Solutions

Brian Merle, Environmental
Cameron Wirth, Geotechnical
Lindsey May, Hydrology
Nathan Maher, Pavements
Colin Young, Project Manager
Ethan Conlan, Structures
Afiq Izzuddin Awai, Transportation

East Lansing Consultants

Jade Arundell, Environmental
Joe Dec, Geotechnical
Alex Wallace, Hydrology
Kobe Ferguson, Pavements
Maxwell Julien, Project Manager
Jax Plumert, Structures
Matt Keyes, Transportation

TRUSS US Engineering

Emily Kerr, Environmental
Richard Carbajal, Geotechnical
Allison Gustafson, Hydrology
Brandy Lopez, Pavements
Angel Jaime, Project Manager
Tyler Sladick, Structures
Mian Wei, Transportation

Champions Engineering Group

Erik Hopkins, Environmental
Nick Ardelean, Geotechnical
Eric Schulte, Hydrology
Javier Urrea, Pavements
Jake Obrien, Project Manager
Mingzhao Lin, Structures
Lawrence Aldaoud, Transportation

JPECS Engineering

Claire Van Gilder, Geotechnical
Emily Davis, Hydrology
Sydney Janssen, Pavements
Paul Durante, Project Manager
Evan Campau, Structures
John Racine, Transportation

Spartan Engineering Solutions

Olivia Sutherland, Environmental Brennan Sollenberger, Geotechnical Jacob Fenech, Pavements
Josh Soyka, Project Manager Andrew Webster, Structures
Rachel Peters, Transportation

Barn-Hill Consultants

Joshua Gleason, Environmental
Zhiying Ou, Hydrology
Sabas Gutierrez Gonzalez, Pavements Olivia Elgazar, Project Manager
Jack Bohl, Structures
Seba Aldhamen, Transportation

CJ WATAC Construction

Taylor Higgins, Environmental
Chris Bitz, Geotechnical
Jacklyn Garavaglia, Hydrology
Aidan Niyontsinzi, Pavements
Conor Crysler, Project Manager
Will Flynn, Structures
Anthony Bennett, Transportation

Envision Construction

Andrea Vera, Environmental
Carson Stachelski, Geotechnical
Shriya Deshmukh, Hydrology
Trinity Glover, Pavements
Isabella Sio, Project Manager
Patrick Hodorogea, Structures
Roland Ingram, Transportation

Great Lakes Region Environmental Engineering Network

Varun Vallury, Environmental
Julia Bove, Geotechnical
Sarah Anderson, Hydrology
Mathias Dahl, Pavements
Joseph Buswinka, Project Manager
Sean Parsa, Structures
Alyssa Lifschitz, Transportation

Spartan Consultants

Donny Jasurda, Environmental
Ben Champine, Geotechnical
Conrad Johnson, Hydrology
Logan McCall, Pavements
John Young, Project Manager
Alex Ploehn, Structures
Jared Arnett, Transportation

Professional Seminar Speakers

Michele Buckler, P.E.
Daimler Automotive Group

Craig Dashner, P.E.
OHM Advisors

Brad Ewart, P.E.
Soil & Materials Engineers, Inc.

Megan Jacobs, P.E.
Soil & Materials Engineers, Inc.

Leanne Panduren, P.E.
Rowe Professional Services

Dee Parker, P.E.
Michigan Department of Transportation

James Ranger, P.E.
Michigan Department of Transportation

Robert Rayl, P.E.
RS Engineering LLC

Chuck Rolfe, P.E.
OHM Advisors

Miranda Spare, P.E.
Michigan Department of Transportation

Roy Townsend, P.E.
Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation

Professional Evaluators

Engineers and scientists associated with the following firms, municipalities, and companies donated time to provide students with a practicing professional’s perspective. We gratefully acknowledge their generous contributions.

Sam Baushke, P.E.

Casey Bonner, P.E.

Michele Buckler, P.E.
Diamler Automotive Group

Ryan Butler, P.E.
Consumers Energy

Dan Christian, P.E.
Tetra Tech MPS

Jim Corsiglia, P.E., S.E.
Carnaghi Structural Consulting

Brian Davies, P.E.
Hubbell, Roth & Clark

Tyler Dawson, Ph.D., P.E.
NTH Consultants

Jordan Doddie, P.E.

Max Drenth, P.E.
Harley Ellis Devereaux

Mike Ellis, P.E.
Barr Engineering Co.

Jayson Graves, P.E.
Soil & Materials Engineers, Inc.

David Hayden, P.E.

Jared Heinze
Hardesty and Hanover

Pete Johnson, P.E.
RS Engineering

Al Kaltenthaler, P.E., S.E.

Peter Margules, P.E.
NTH Consultants

Cole Moody, P.E.

Jon O’Brock, P.E.
Materials Testing Consultants

Alex Oosterhoff, P.E.
RS Engineering

Sarah Ross, P.E.
Practical Engineers, Inc.

Emily Schlanderer, P.E.
Black and Veatch

Brandon Simon, P.E.
Progressive AE

Stephen Subu, P.E.
Consumers Energy

Michael Thelen, P.E.
Consumers Energy

Roy Townsend, P.E.
Washtenaw County
Parks and Recreation

Brandon Williams, P.E.
Spicer Group