CE Projects – Spring 2022

Undergraduates in civil and environmental engineering must take CE 495. This capstone course prepares students for the workplace by providing an experience with the following challenges:

  • A project with multiple issues that must be resolved using civil and environmental engineering knowledge;
  • Formulation of conceptual solutions and resolution of conflicting design elements;
  • Development of plans that comply with regulations and provide a basis for cost estimates;
  • Balancing individual responsibility and group participation in a team based effort;
  • Preparation of written reports and oral presentations.

Each team is responsible for developing a design that addresses environmental, hydrological, pavement, transportation, and structural issues for the project. A student project manager coordinates each team. Design reports are judged by the faculty; progress reports and the oral presentations are judged by a board of practicing professionals.

Faculty Advisors: Professors Dickinson, Engle, Haider, Hashsham, Ingle and Li

TechSmith: New World Headquarters

Michigan State University continues to implement its vision of redeveloping the 140-acre Spartan Village into a technology and innovation campus. Recently Michigan’s governor and the MSU president were among others who announced the construction of a new headquarters for Techsmith, a software development company previously located nearby. The new 62,500 square- foot headquarters is being developed in partnership with the MSU Foundation on approximately 5 acres of land at the corner of South Crescent and Harrison Road.

The project should emphasize implementation of green infrastructure. Green infrastructure refers to systems and practices that use or mimic natural processes to infiltrate, evapotranspire, or harvest stormwater at its source. The university is seeking proof-of-concept level designs that examine how green infrastructure could be integrated into the particular site to meet multiple environmental, educational, and economic objectives. The development must be consistent with MSU’s campus master plan.

The Teams

Key to Team Roles: E=Environmental, H=Hydrology, P=Pavements, PM=ProjectManager, S=Structures, T=Transportation 

Team 1: Spartan Design Group

Left to right: Evan Huckins (H), Tanner Cronin (S), Nathan Melasi (E), Katelyn Kubalanza (T), Elizabeth Kleinschmidt (G), Cara Bonshak (P), Tyler Ball (PM)

Team 2: Endpoint Civil and Environmental Engineering Firm

Left to right: Caitlin Woolsey (S), Connor Merchant (E), Rick Fu (P), Caitlin Colsia (PM), Drew Frenzel (G), Dani White (T), Ryan Poe (H)

Team 3: Engineering by Nemo

Left to right: Eli Costerisan (G), Brendan Holbrook (P), Josh Steed (E), Erinn Costello (PM), Aditi Mahantesh (E), Kyra Gerlofs (H), Wendy (Ruowen) Xu (S), Lauren Hull (T)

Team 4: Midwest Civil Design, LLC

Left to right Francisco Campos-Iannacone (S), Mason Manuszak (H), Michael Gatz (P), Jack Fiegl (PM), Jacob Barth (G), Hannah Pfeiffer (T), Molly Weiblen (E)

Team 5: G & W Consulting Group

Left to right: Obaid Tahnon (T), Steven Taormina (P), Vincenzo Finazzo (PM), Brennan Swix (S), Benjamin Schwalbach (G), Chase Fedolak (H), not pictured: Kelly Jardine (E)

Team 6: RCE Consulting

Left to right: Ryan Shafer (G), Holly Demers (E), Sabreen Alado (S), Elvis Gibbs (PM), Hank Zhang (P), Bob Apoian (T), Paige Tompsett (H)

Team 7: J.L. Engineering

Left to right: Justice Lewis (PM), Vincent Marinelli (H), Nathan Bessey (P), Sydney Hilbrandt (T), Robert Kowalczyk (T), Robert Mooney (S), Jared Gailitis (G)

Team 8: Agent of Construction

Left to right: Nikolas Bauer (G), Cara Luckett (PM), Bryan Reppenhagen (T), Ashley Mckibbon (E), Liam Coleman (S), Ritwik Verma (H), Lavelle Washington (P)

Team 9: Precision Engineering

Left to right: Anna Fischer (G), Jacob Steenburg-Sorrell (S), Noah DeBrot (T), Greyson Meyers (PM), Areli Cardenas (P), Tage Heyn (H), Courtney Turner (E)

Team 10: White Pine Engineering Group

Left to right: Brendan Ryder (G), Andrew Cummings (E), Evan Martin (H), Ali Lazzara (P), Matt Pfeiffer (PM), Claire Wojno (S), Nichole Richards (T)

Team 11: Titan Engineering

Left to right: Thomas Alsobrooks (G), Matthew Henkey (S), Matthew Parran (E), Elise Spohn (P), Elizabeth Pozza (PM), Casey Meyer (T), Katherine Miller (H)

Team 12: GLA Engineering Services

Left to right: Madeline Robison (H), Bridget Pliska (P), Tammy Le (S), Grant Gardella (G), Phyllis Feldpausch (E), James Guest (T), Emily Spranger (PM)

Professional Seminar Speakers

Michele Buckler, P.E.
Daimler Automotive Group 

Mark Dubay, P.E.
Michigan Department of Transportation 

Brad Ewart, P.E.
Soil & Materials Engineers, Inc. 

Megan Jacobs, P.E.
Soil & Materials Engineers, Inc.

Leanne Panduren, P.E.
Rowe Professional Services 

Robert Rayl, P.E.
RS Engineering LLC 

Charles Rolfe, P.E.
OHM Advisors 

Jon Stratz, P.E.
Michigan Department of Transportation

Dan Thome, P.E.

Roy Townsend, P.E.
Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation 

Brad Wieferich, P.E.
Michigan Department of Transportation

Professional Evaluators

Engineers and scientists associated with the following firms, municipalities, and companies donated time to provide students with a practicing professional’s perspective. We gratefully acknowledge their generous contributions.

Jill Bauer, P.E.
ROWE Professional Services 

Sam Baushke, P.E.

Dani Booms, P.E.

Michele Buckler, P.E.
Daimler Automotive Group 

Erik Carlson, P.E.
Michigan Department of Transportation 

Dan Christian, P.E.
Tetra Tech MPS 

Jim Corsiglia, P.E., S.E.
Harley Ellis Devereaux 

Brian Davies, P.E.
Hubbell, Roth & Clark 

Tyler Dawson, Ph.D., P.E.
NTH Consultants

Mike Ellis, P.E.
Barr Engineering Co. 

David Hayden

Megan Jacobs, P.E.
Soil & Materials Engineers, Inc. 

Al Kaltenthaler, P.E., S.E.

Peter Margules, P.E.
NTH Consultants 

Giovanni Mauro, P.E.
Mauro Engineering 

George McKenzie II, P.E.
Consumers Energy 

Cole Moody, P.E.

Jon O’Brock, P.E.
Materials Testing Consultants 

Maurio Quagliata, P.E.
Bergmann Associates 

Lauren Roller, P.E., S.E.
Harley Ellis Devereaux 

Sarah Ross, P.E.
Practical Engineers, Inc. 

Steven Sorensen, P.E.
PEA Group 

Stephen Subu
Consumers Energy 

Michael Thelen, P.E.
Consumers Energy 

Phillip Vogelsang, P.E.

Jon Ward, P.E.
ROWE Professional Services 

Emily Warners, P.E.
Consumers Energy