CE Projects – Spring 2021

Undergraduates in civil and environmental engineering must take CE 495. This capstone course prepares students for the workplace by providing an experience with the following challenges: 1) A project with multiple issues that must be resolved using civil and environmental engineering knowledge; 2) Formulation of conceptual solutions and resolution of conflicting design elements; 3) Development of plans that comply with regulations and provide a basis for cost estimates; 4) Balancing individual responsibility and group participation in a team based effort; 5) Preparation of written reports and oral presentations.

Each Civil and Environmental Engineering team is responsible for developing a design that addresses environmental, geotechnical, hydrological, pavement, transportation, and structural issues for the project. A student project manager coordinates each team. Design reports are judged by the faculty; progress reports and the oral presentations are judged by a board of practicing professionals.


Michigan State University Shaw Lane Power Plant Renovation

Michigan State University is in the process of implementing components of its campus master plan. As a part of the 2020 Vision: Campus Master Plan Report, a new academic building was envisioned at the location of the now decomissioned Shaw Lane Power Plant. A recent update to the campus master plan suggested the option to renovate the existing building and add a substantial expansion to the building footprint. In conjunction with this project, the segment of Shaw Lane between Chestnut Rd and Red Cedar Rd will be reconstructed. Both the street reconstruction and the academic building expansion must be congruent with the overall campus master plan.

The project emphasizes implementation of green infrastructure. Green infrastructure refers to systems and practices that use or mimic natural processes to infiltrate, evapotranspire, or harvest stormwater at its source. The competition requires proof-of-concept level designs that examine how green infrastructure could be integrated into an on-campus site to meet multiple environmental, educational, and economic objectives.

Team 1: A Plus Group

Matthew Paquin, Environmental
Tyler Koch, Environmental
Joel Thorne, Geotechnical
Brendan O’Rielly, Hydrology
Ethan Nida, Pavements
Noah McNulty, Project Manager
Bryan Carie, Structures
Dakota Oneill, Transportation

Team 2: JKLM Engineering

Kalyssa Klausing, Environmental
Mitchell Walton, Geotechnical
Liam Conlan, Hydrology
Jamie Jordan, Pavements
Kelsey Pratt, Project Manager
Jason Seegert, Structures
Michael Porcaro, Transportation

Team 3: Stag-Lap Solutions

Abby DeWeerd, Environmental
Tyler White, Geotechnical
Layne Bader, Hydrology
Philip Henricks, Pavements
Griffin Sheline, Project Manager
Aaron Hipshier, Structures
Sercan Yildiz, Transportation

Team 4: Allied Engineering

Grace Kelbel, Environmental
Noah Schoenberger, Geotechnical
Alexandra Burt, Hydrology
Jackson Friend, Pavements
Jenn Pozanc, Project Manager
Zac Osaer, Structures
John Pynnonen, Transportation

Team 5: Mite Solutions

Aurora Mlsna, Environmental
Remi Gonety, Environmental
Austin DeVries, Geotechnical
Darren Langendorf, Hydrology
Jarod Parker, Pavements
Austin DeFries, Project Manager
Rodney Emerick, Structures
Angelina Placido, Transportation

Team 6: Student Engineering Services

Avery Dykman, Environmental
Gabe Gaskin, Geotechnical
Caitlin Commissaris, Hydrology
Emily EStructuresada, Pavements
Quinn Phelps, Project Manager
Matthew Chiavetta, Structures
Jayson Ambabo, Transportation

Team 7: Full Circle Engineering

Alexia Nagy, Environmental
Daniel Thomas, Environmental
Matthew Hagan, Geotechnical
Adrienne Conigliaro, Hydrology
James Hunt, Pavements
Anthony Sperrazza, Project Manager
Kwadwo Oppon, Structures
Zihao Yao, Transportation

Team 8: Red Cedar Engineering

Callaghan TysonMayer, Environmental
Jack Lawton, Environmental
Nazeef Aiman Abdulrazak, Geotechnical
Keith Sheridan, Hydrology
Luiz Arreguin, Pavements
Justin Pauken, Project Manager
Collin Parker, Structures
Caitlyn Cavicchiolo, Transportation

Team 9: Summit Engineering

Jacob ArmStructuresong, Environmental
Michael Anderson, Environmental
Victor Ankley, Geotechnical
Hannah Pascual, Hydrology
Joseph Lawnicki, Pavements
Katie Grant, Project Manager
Ryan Heleski, Structures
Morgan Zainea, Transportation