AESC Awards – Spring 2022

The 2022 Most Impactful Award:

Team RENK “Purchase Order Compliance Package Process”

Left to Right: Tony Messenia (AES Alumni Board Member), Addison Dunham (AESC), Maggie Lear (SCM), Kory Ernster (AESC), Cole Gibbs (SCM)

The 2022 Most Sustainable Award:

Team BASF “Herbicide Data Visualization and Forecasting”

Left to Right: Jessica Laze (SCM), Samantha Powers (AESC), Brennan Parks (AESC), Jessica Mo (SCM), Emme Darkowski (AESC)

The 2022 Mike Sadler Competitive Edge Award:

Team Caterpillar “End-to-End Kit Process Optimization”

Left to Right: Matthew Ginter (AESC), Isabella Cueny (SCM), Allie Percy (SCM), Sara Fusco (AESC), Nicholas Caldwell (AESC)