Electrical Engineering


Electrical & Computer Engineering Prism VentureWorks Prize & Winners, Spring 2012

The Prism VentureWorks Prizes ($1,500, $1,000, and $500, respectively) are awarded each semester to the most outstanding teams in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Senior Capstone Design Course, as judged by a panel of engineers from industry. A team with members from both ECE and another engineering major (mechanical engineering, for example) is also eligible, if the team’s project is administered through ECE 480. The prizes are sponsored by Prism VentureWorks, a Boston-based venture capital firm, and Mr. William Seifert, an ECE alumnus, who is a partner in that firm. The faculty and students of Electrical and Computer Engineering are very grateful for this generous support.

Prism VentureWorks First Place:

Robotic Hyena Project: Animatronic Hyena for Field Research in Kenya

Left to right: Dr. Michael Shanblatt, Ross Schwarz, Leon Voskov, Kasra Dabiran, Phil Zanotti, Eric Mitchell


Prism VentureWorks Second Place:

Texas Instrument: Wireless Sensing System for Intelligent Concrete Curing

Left to right: Dr. Michael Shanblatt, Yanqing Li, Kevin Gladstone, ChaiYong Lim, Jon Sangregario


Prism VentureWorks Third Place:

ArcelorMittal: Blast Furnace Moisture Measurement Device

Left to right: Dr. Michael Shanblatt, Matthew Voog, Yuan Liang, Jacob Zells