Electrical Engineering


Electrical & Computer Engineering Awards

Prize & Winners, Fall 2018

Prizes are awarded each semester to the most outstanding teams in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Senior Capstone Design Course, as judged by a panel of engineers from industry.  A team with members from both ECE and another engineering major (mechanical engineering, for example) is also eligible, if the team’s project is administered through ECE 480.

Electrical Engineering First Prize

Team CANVAS SOAR – AutoDrive Challenge “Ride Quality Monitor”

Left to right: Brandon Roek, Jacob Stanowski, Amanda Anguiano, Robert Longo, Edward Chan

Electrical Engineering Second Prize

Team Aptiv “Advanced Study of Antenna Coverage for Implementing Next Gen V2X Technology in Commerical Vehicles”

Left to right: Udit Puri, Mitchell Ensz, Shashank Karthikeyan, Chet Smith

Presented by Sunil Javali of Aptiv


Electrical Engineering Third Prize

Team MSU Bikes Service Center/RCPD “Bicycle Collision and Blind-spot Detector”

Left to right: Randi Dortch, Dan Kach, Felix Chiang, Sean Mulcahy, James Meadows