Mechanical Engineering


Team Project Exhibits

The Mechanical Engineering capstone projects are on exhibit in the Engineering Building from 8:00 a.m. until noon. The exhibits are located in the 1200 hallway.

Admission is free and open to the public. Visitors are welcome.

Team Presentations

Throughout the morning, the capstone teams give formal presentations in the Lake Superior Room and Tower Room of the MSU Union Building. The team that produces the most outstanding technical design project is presented with the Thomas Alva Edison Design Award; the team that gives the best technical project presentation receives the ME 481 Project Presentation Award.

Schedule of Presentations

MSU Union Lake Superior Room

 Time       Sponsor    

9:55       Union Pacific Railroad
Project: Train Wheel Magnetization Metering System

10:20       Heartwood School and Shell Oil Company
Project: Instrument Mounts

10:45       Peckham Inc., and Shell Oil Company
Project: Art at Work

11:10       Shell Oil Company
Project: Two Special Boys; One Shared Dream of Riding a Bicycle


Schedule of Presentations

MSU Union Tower Room

 Time       Sponsor  

8:00       Chrysler LLC
Project: Automotive Seating Product Design Project

8:25       Ford Motor Company
Project: Boost Pump for Vehicle Evaporative Emission Systems

8:50       Ford Motor Company
Project: carbon Canister Cooling System

9:15       General Motors Foundation
Project: Pedestrian Safety Sounds/Alerts for Electric Vehicles

9:40      Break

9:55       Nexteer Automotive
Project: Controller Cover for Electric Power Steering

10:20    Whirlpool Corporation
Project: Chilled Water Dispense Design

10:45    Whirlpool Corporation
Project: Fast Flow Water Dispense

11:10       Whirlpool Corporation
Project: Ice Maker Airflow Enhancement