Materials Science


Schedule of Team Presentations

Engineering Building, Room 1145

 Time       Team                                                                              

8:30        Shifty Shafts
Project: Failure Analysis of a Subaru Impreza Front Axle Shaft

8:55       Make Hips Grate Again
Project: QUICKSET Acetabular Grater Head Failure Analysis

9:20        Missing Connections
Project: Briggs & Stratton Connecting Rod Failure

9:45        Press “1” For Spanish
Project: Foldable Attic Ladder Hinge Fracture Analysis

10:10      One Cylinder Wonders
Project: An Analysis of Chrome Plating in a 3cc Nitromethane Engine

10:35     This Is No Yoke
Project: Front Drive Axle Input Yoke Failure Analysis

11:00      The Kobalt Calamity
Project: Torque Wrench Failure Analysis

11:25       The Bat Street BoyZ
Project: Cracked DeMarini Bat