Electrical Engineering


The Electrical and Computer Engineering projects will be on display in the Engineering Building from 8:00 a.m. until noon. The displays are located on the first floor in the 1300 hallway.

Admission is free and open to the public.

Throughout the morning, each capstone team gives a formal presentation in Rooms 2205 & 2250 Engineering Building, which are located on the second floor of the Engineering Building. Visitors are encouraged to attend. The schedule of presentations is given below.

Schedule of Team Presentations

Room 2205 Engineering Building

 Time       Team                                                                              

8:30      FRIB
Project: Low-level RF Controller

8:55     MSU ECE Department
Project: Millimeter Wave Robotic-arm Measuring System

9:20     OIH/MSU RCPD
Project: Hospital Power Monitoring System

9:45      MSU RCPD
Project: Lee Cleaveland’s Prosthetic Bionic Arm

10:10    Fraunhofer
Project: Fixture for Diamond Coating

10:35     MSU Solar Racing Team
Project: Solar Array Maximum Power Point Tracker

11:00     Aptiv
Project: Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Room 2250 Engineering Building

 Time       Team                                                                              

8:30       CANVAS/AutoDrive
Project: Lane Following and Obstacle Avoidance

8:55        CANVAS/AutoDrive
Project: Autonomous Vehicle Safety & Integrity Monitor

9:20       Tenneco
Project: Road Condition Reporting System

9:45      MSU ECE Department
Project: Pet Accident Detection

10:10     MSU CSANN Lab
Project: Portable Deep Neural Networks for Image Classification

10:35     The James Dyson Foundation
Project: Compact Multi-Sensor System

11:00     Union Pacific
Project: Ultrasonic Rail Testing

11:25     MSU ECE Department
Project: Voice Fitbit