Civil Engineering


Each Civil and Environmental Engineering team is responsible for developing a design that addresses environmental, geotechnical, hydrological, pavement, transportation, and structural issues for the project. A student project manager coordinates each team. Design reports are judged by the faculty; progress reports and the oral presentations are judged by a board of practicing professionals.

The Spring 2018 project and teams were:


Michigan State University Wilson Road Extension

Michigan State University has proposed a new entrance/exit on the east side of campus. The Wilson Road extension will connect the existing Wilson Road to Hagadorn Road. Figure 1 depicts the planned routing as designed by the student teams. This project was identified in the 2020 Vision (campus master plan). In addition to reconfiguring and reconstructing Wilson Road, Fee Road, and Parking Lots 30 and 32, this project will install a new traffic signal at the intersection of Conrad Road and Shaw Lane and the intersection of Wilson Road at Hagadorn Road. The university has proposed a water tower to replace the function of the water reservoir on campus at a location in the southwest of the site. The water tower must be connected to a proposed water treatment plant located immediately south of the railroad tracks. In addition, Conrad Hall is proposed to be expanded or replaced to function as a residential hall. The building expansion is expected vertically covering the existing footprint of the current building.

The preliminary engineering design must identify infrastructure improvements necessary to procure this project for construction. Elements of the design require the services of an engineer for transportation, pavements, geotechnical, structures, hydrology, environmental, and project management. This project is to be developed for construction starting spring of 2018. The project shall be opened to traffic by October 2018. The project will improve the water distribution in the region. It will improve vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle safety.

Key: E = Environmental, G = Geotechnical, H = Hydrology, P = Pavements, PM = Project Manager S = Structures, T = Transportation and WR = Water Resources


Team 1: Civil Engineering Services

Left to Right: Robert Zablock (PM), Alan Panley (S), Eric Matynowski (E), Joe Defrenza (P), Matthew Knetchei-Bernath (G), Ling Yang (H), Garrett Olson (T)


Team 2: BAMZACO Consulting

Left to Right: Chris Harrington (G), Marina Ostaszewski (H), Zach Maskin (P), Anneka Hart (PM), Amir Mafarjeh (T), Bryanna DeLeon (S), Michael Keenan (E)


Team 3: OCCAM Engineering Solutions

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 1.23.14 PM

 Left to Right: Feifan Yu (P), Nan Gao (E), Millicent Miauzi (H), Nick Beyers (P), Danielle Janks (PM), James Temple (G), Cole Christy (S), Andy Stocki (T)


Team 4: E7 Engineering & Consulting

Left to Right: Phillip Wandyez (T), Shyly Katibai (E), Jacob Phifer (G), Brandon Walters (P), Evan Patton (S), Daniel Hurley (H), Colleen Bianco (PM)


Team 5: Impact Consulting Engineering

Left to Right: Dylan Schuberg (H), Aditya Pokale (E), Abdulkarem Alhuthail (G), Carly Nylander (PM), Junxi Huang (T), Yafeng Jiang (P), Georgiy Kariagin (S)


Team 6: TLE Solutions

Left to Right: Jacob VanZalen (T), Kelsea Pohl (PM), Jake Mayich (P), Travis Asher (E), Jackson Zuhl (G), Kari Beckley (H), Nicholas Aukerman (S)


Team 7: Andrews and Associates

Left to Right: Nick Desimpleare (H), Lucas Manhice (E), Jordan Doddie (T), Lauren Woods (S), Rodolfo Espinelcabrera (G), Han Wang (P), Nick Andrews (PM)


Team 8: Miller & Associates

Left to Right: Kira Fillar (H), Matt Beatty (G), Alissa Yanochko (E), Jimmy Milligan (S), Elaina Medvedik (P), JT Covington (T), Stan Miller (PM)


Team 9: Red Cedar Consulting

Left to Right: Jorind Bardhollari (G), Dan Smith (PM), Pei Xu (E), Mike Weiss (S), Anthony Carrier (H), Dan Bomzer (T), Mitch Chaput (P)


Team 10: First Class Engineering

Left to Right: Siqi Xue (H), Lukas Gallup (T), Xun He (S), Jacob Wysocki (P), Joseph Michael (G), Kelsey Goss (PM), Allison Lukens (E)