Applied Engineering


Schedule of Team Presentations 

Anthony Hall, 1st Floor, Room 1255

 Time       Team                                                                              

8:00       MSU IPF
Project: Business Case for Campus-wide Temperature Control Guidelines

8:25       MSU Sustainability
Project: EV Charging Stations

8:50     MSU Sustainability
Project: Innovation for Efficiency – Library Lighting System

9:15     MSU IPF/JCI
Analysis of Current Operation of the Regional Chilled Water Plant


9:50      Bosch
Project: Reducing Order Cycle Time

10:15        Roberts Sinto
Project: Mapping Internal Processes

Anthony Hall, 1st Floor, Room 1257

 Time       Team                                                                              

8:00       Ingersoll Rand
Project: Supply Chain Optimization

8:25       Ingersoll Rand
Project: Retail-Distribution Market Network Optimization

8:50       Ingersoll Rand
Project: E-procurement

9:15        Hess
Project: Strategic Category Development


9:50       Intel
Project: Inventory Management Strategy for xPV Testers

10:15       Grant Thorton
Project: Historical Merger and Acquisitions Deal Analysis Study

Anthony Hall, 1st Floor, Room 1260

Time       Team                                                                              

8:00      BASF
Project: Market Research for High Insulation Material

8:25        ArcelorMittal
Project: “Beached” Iron Decision-Making Model

8:50        Asahi Kasei Plastics
Project: Warehouse Expansion Project

9:15        American Axle
Project: Transportation Initiative


9:50       General Motors
Project: Spring Hill Plant: Logistic Total Cost Dashboard

10:15       General Motors
Project: Silao Plant: Total Enterprise Cost/Ship Frequency Dashboard

10:40     General Motors
Project: Fairfax Plant: Total Enterprise Cost/Ship Frequency Dashboard