Interdisciplinary Engineering Build Competition

Dean Buggia, Okemos HS Engineering and Technology teacher with the Plainwell Middle School Bridge Building competition winners Logan Tungate, Luke Johnson, Richard Ritzema

EGR 100 3D Printing Competition 

Dr. Morgan taught EGR 100, 3-D Printing. Winning Group 1 was Cayla Coury, Emme Darkowski, Madison McMahan and Madeline Stump, with Tim Hinds, the director of CoRe program.

EGR 100 Winning Group 2 was Olivia Bianchini, Avery Kohler, R, with Dr. Morgan and Tim Hinds

ECE 480 Design Award

Winning ECE 480 group members Zoinul Choudhury, Tejas Bharath, Josh Richter, Weston Shellhorn, Jiaran Ye, Jake Aprilliano, with Dr. John Albrecht

VEX Robotics Programming and Race

Winners of the Vex Robotics Competition from Scranton Middle School, Brighton: Josh Hamilton, Tanner Perkins, Aiden Babas

Trebuchet Design and Competition

Winners of the Trebuchet Design and Toss Competition from Scranton Middle School, Brighton: Liam Kinney, Dylan White, Quinn Johnson.