Materials Science


Schedule of Team Presentations

Engineering Building, Room 1145

 Time       Team                                                                              

8:00        The Pinion Minions
Project: Failure Analysis of a Rear 8.8″ Differential

8:25       Hip Hip Hooray
Project: Failure Analysis of an Acetabular Reamer

8:50        Thrill of the Mill
Project: End Mill Investigation

9:15        The Incredibly Awesome Team
Project: Failure of Bearing Cage in Constant Velocity Joint

9:40       Ice Ice Baby
Project: Analysis of a Failed Hockey Skate Blade

10:05      3 Doors Down
Project: Failure of Die Cast Zinc Door Latch

10:30     The Knights of Ni
Project: Failure Analysis of Nickel Heat Shield

10:55      Ca$h Landed
Project: Strut Housing Lower Connection Failure of a Piper Arrow III Aircraft

11:20       Fantastic Fore
Project: Failure Analysis of Top-Flite XL 35″ Putter