Mechanical Engineering


Team Project Exhibits

The Mechanical Engineering capstone projects are on exhibit in the Engineering Building from 8:00 a.m. until noon. The exhibits are located in the 1200 hallway.

Admission is free and open to the public. Visitors are welcome.

Team Presentations

Throughout the morning, the capstone teams give formal presentations in Engineering Building Rooms 1202, 1208 and 1220. The team that produces the most outstanding technical design project is presented with the Thomas Alva Edison Design Award; the team that gives the best technical project presentation receives the ME 481 Project Presentation Award.

Schedule of Presentations

Engineering Building Room 1202

 Time       Sponsor    

8:30       Ingersoll Rand
Project: Air Conditioner Packaging Cost Reduction

9:00       Ingersoll Rand
Project: Improved Design of Roof Panel Assemblies

9:30       Ingersoll Rand
Project: Cost-Effective Impeller-Mount Design

10:00       U.S. Steel
Project: Improved Thermal Efficiency in Bottle Cars

10:30       U.S. Steel
Project: Cover for Hot Metal Transfer Car

11:00       Robert Bosch
Project: System to Measure Axial Play in Throttle Shaft

11:30       DTE Energy
Project: System to Analyze Precipitator Performance

Schedule of Presentations

Engineering Building Room 1208

 Time       Sponsor  

8:30       Eaton Aerospace
Project: Fixture for Measuring Skewed Roller Bearing

9:00       EMD Technologies
Project: Smart Braking System for Strollers

9:30       Fiat Chrysler
Project: Design of a Compliant Fascia Support

10:00       ArcelorMittal
Project: Design of a Secure Facility Entry Gate

10:30       Robert Bosch
Project: Test Bench for Natural Gas Injector

11:00       Ford
Project: Pressure-Reactive Piston Engine

11:30      Gillbarco Veeder-Root

Project: Redesign of a Display Subassembly

Schedule of Presentations

Engineering Building Room 1220

 Time       Sponsor 

8:30       Consumers Energy
Project: Automated Measurement of Liquid Levels

9:00       IAC International
Project: Redesign of a Paint-Line Rack

9:30        Kautex Textron
Project: Optimization of Fuel-Tank Baffles

10:00       Meritor
Project: Design of a Transfer Case Internal-Oil Cooler

10:30       Melvin Millet Learning Center
Project: Switch-Activated Basketball Shooter

11:00       Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum
Project: Design of an Energy Demonstration Table

11:30       Whirlpool Corporation
Project: Dual Pumping System for Washing Machines