Civil Engineering


Throughout the morning, Civil Engineering teams give formal presentations to panels of judges in Rooms 1538 and 3540 Engineering Building. The team giving the best presentation, as judged by faculty and the panel of judges, receives the Rolla C. Carpenter Senior Design Award. Visitors are encouraged to attend these presentations.

Schedule of Team Presentations 

Room 1538 Engineering Building

 Time       Team

8:00       Team One – Phoenix Enterprises

9:20       Team Two – Terrafirm Engineering

10:40       Team Three – Capital City Consulting

Room 3400 Engineering Building

 Time       Team

8:00       Team Four – Tower Engineering

9:20       Team Five – Allore Enterprises

10:40       Team Six – Wilson Consulting

Room 3540 Engineering Building

 Time       Team

8:15       Team Seven – Water Pulse Consulting

9:40       Team Eight – Stealth Engineering