Engineering 100


EGR 100, Introduction to Engineering Design, is a college- level course required of all incoming first-year engineering students. It is an integral part of the CoRe (Cornerstone and Residential) Experience. The course introduces students

to the engineering profession and the engineering design process through team-based, interdisciplinary design projects and assignments. Over 500 students are enrolled in EGR 100 this semester.

For the final course project, the student teams selected from four project types: (i) solar water heater design, (ii) Lego® Mindstorms® competition, (iii) MSU Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities (RCPD) design and (iv) Residential Initiative on the Study of the Environment (RISE) project. For the first choice, the student teams were to design, build and test a solar water heater that would successfully increase the temperature of a given volume of water in a fixed time. The second choice required the students to build and program an autonomous robot that competes simultaneously against other robots to gather high-scoring, colored balls. For the third project type, teams worked with RCPD clients to design and build working prototypes to assist the clients in daily activities. The final project type had teams work with RISE to design prototypes to help increase crop production through heating their hoop house in cold weather. Teams from each of the project types will display their prototypes at Design Day along with posters detailing their design concepts. Pre-college students will recognize the most outstanding projects with awards.


More information can be found at Cornerstone Engineering.