Electrical Engineering

Non-Capstone Projects

In addition to the Electrical and Computer Engineering capstone projects, an additional Electrical and Computer Engineering class displays their work at Design Day:

ECE 101 is an elective course introducing freshmen students to Electrical and Computer Engineering through a series of innovative hands-on laboratory experiments linked to new research and teaching areas. These experiments relate to (a) computer switches, (b) C programming of robots based on MSP430 microcontrollers and NXT LEGO controllers, (c) pH measurement using NXT sensors, (d) maple-seed robotic fliers (MRF) with on board electronics, (e) location of bio-molecules using RFID, (f) renewable energy resources using windmill and solar cells, (g) nanotechnology study using a LEGO gear-train, and (h) brainwaves and mind- controlled games using a toy EEG device.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 1.20.12 PM

ECE 101 projects will be exhibited on the first floor of the Engineering Building in the 1200 Hallway from 9:00 until noon.

Please see the Design Day Booklet for more information.