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The Capstone Experience provides the educational capstone for all students majoring in computer science at Michigan State University. Teams of students build software projects for corporate clients. For information on becoming a project sponsor, see Project Sponsorship or contact Dr. Wayne Dyksen. The following are the project sponsors and projects for the spring of 2013.


Auto-Owners Insurance: Event Planning Web App

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 1.34.58 PMAuto-Owners Insurance is a Fortune 500 company with written premiums of over $5 billion. For over 95 years, Auto-Owners has been dedicated to the independent agency system. Auto-Owners is recognized for exceptional financial strength and stability among the nation’s largest insurers.
Auto-Owners provides its associates and independent agents with many opportunities to socialize at events outside of the work environment. Our Event Planning Web App is a mobile ready web app that allows associates and independent agents to register for these events.

Auto-Owners administrative users can schedule events, edit events, send invitations, send reminders and view lists of registered attendees.

Our Event Planning Web Application includes built- in events for performing arts, golf outings, baseball games and football tailgates. Administrators are also able to create new types of events as needed.

Auto-Owners associates and independent agents use our Event Planning Web App to register for invited events or search and register for open events.

Our app is designed to accommodate various screen sizes including mobile screens so it works well on most mobile phones and tablets.

Our Event Planning Web Application is written in Java and JQuery Mobile, with the data hosted on an IBM DB2 database.

Team Members: Ryan Burr, Trevor Murphy, Minh-Nguyen Do

Team Members: Ryan Burr, Trevor Murphy, Minh-Nguyen Do


Boeing Company: Paper Airplane Building Game Simulator

Boeing is the world’s leading aerospace company and the largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 1.39.35 PMOur Paper Airplane Building Game Simulator is a game in which a player’s goal is to organize a factory of humans and robots to assemble one or more paper airplanes.

The game begins with a default layout of humans and robots along with a budget and a time limit. A player can manipulate the position of humans and robots before the simulation takes place while robots may be purchased from the Game Shop.

Pressing the play button begins the simulation. The different game objects then proceed to carry out their different functions. Once the paper pieces are taped together, they form a large sheet of paper, which is folded into a paper airplane.

During the simulation the overall safety on the factory floor is taken into account. Safety concerns such as collisions between the factory workers are highlighted and warnings are issued.

A player can pause the simulation and edit the setup including purchasing more robots if they have enough funds.

A player can advance if the paper airplanes are constructed within the time limit, budget and safety violations threshold. Our Paper Airplane Building Game Simulator is compatible with Ubuntu 12.04 and runs above the Gazebo Robotics Simulator, uses Ogre3D renderer and Bullet Physics

Team Members: Gregory Klein, Christopher Flynn, Grace Lweendo

Team Members: Gregory Klein, Christopher Flynn, Grace Lweendo


The Dow Chemical Company: Personalize Intranet Portal

The Dow Chemical company connects chemistry and innovation with the principles of sustainability to help address many of the world’s most challenging problems such as the need for clean water, renewable energy generation and conservation, and increasing agricultural productivity.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 1.47.05 PMOur Personalized Intranet Portal keeps Dow’s 50,000 employees in over 160 countries connected with each other via this internal web communication portal.

We leverage modern technologies to replace Dow’s existing older portal. In order to provide an easy transition for users, the overall look and feel of our new portal remains mostly consistent with the legacy version.

Our Personalized Intranet Portal is designed around the taxonomy of Dow’s business structure and common functions. Hence, portal navigation is based on this taxonomy.

We support many of the features of the legacy portal. For example, administrators are able to use a survey tool to create and distribute surveys. After users complete surveys, results are displayed as charts in the portal.

In addition, Dow employees are able to publish content such as memos and technical reports on the website within their branch of the company. This provides Dow with the ability to manage their web content easily.

The Intranet Portal is built using Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Enterprise, HTML, CSS and Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

Team Members: Gordon Leung, Eric Miller, Matthew Savela

Team Members: Gordon Leung, Eric Miller, Matthew Savela


Electronic Arts: Streaming Android Emulator for EA Games

Electronic Arts (EA) is a leading interactive entertainment software company that develops, publishes and distributes interactive software for internet-connected consoles, personal computers, mobile phones, tablets and social networks.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 1.51.42 PMWith mobile development on the rise, EA must find ways for users to run mobile games simply on non-mobile devices.

Our Streaming Android Emulator for EA Games enables Android-based games to be run on any computer with a capable web browser such as Chrome or Firefox. A wide variety of games can be streamed from EA over the internet and played without installing any additional software.

After players select a game to play from an EA game server, game video streams to their local PC. Players control the game running on their PC using an Android device, which supports multiple sets of controls schemes including options such as touch, multi-touch, swipes and accelerometers.

Since the Android-based game controller is implemented as a web app, users can run and control games immediately without installing any additional software on their Android device. The layout and functionality of the game controller is customized depending on the game being played.

Our Streaming Android Emulator for EA Games system uses a slightly modified version of the Android SDK emulator. HTML5, PHP and JavaScript are used to implement the game controller interface.

Team Members: Jim Challenger, Scott Steffes, Jiepeng Tang

Team Members: Jim Challenger, Scott Steffes, Jiepeng Tang


General Motors: My Conference Room

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 1.56.35 PMIn today’s fast-paced, ever changing world, businesses must be agile to stay ahead of the competition. Among other things, such agility requires the ability to hold impromptu meetings
My Conference Room is a mobile app that enables GM employee groups to identify and book open conference rooms for “spur-of-the-moment” meetings.

Conference room availability is determined easily and quickly with a smartphone by scanning QR (quick response) codes located outside of each conference room.

Based on the QR code, users are automatically directed to a mobile website that shows the room number in a color- coded box that indicates the availability of the room.

If a room is available, users can book the room immediately by pressing the “Book Now!” button.

If a room is booked, users can search for nearby available rooms based on the desired duration of their impromptu meeting and the capacity of the room.

My Conference Room displays a variety of information including the room capacity, the next booked appointment and various amenities associated with the room such as Wi- Fi, SmartBoards, video conferencing and outdoor views.

C# and are the underlying code for the mobile website. Conference room schedules are hosted on Microsoft Exchange Server 2013.

Team Members: Daniel Bachelis, Matthew Tarnowsky Jr., Thomas Smale, Jeff Girbach

Team Members: Daniel Bachelis, Matthew Tarnowsky Jr., Thomas Smale, Jeff Girbach


Meijer: IT Metrics Repository

Meijer is a regional supercenter providing quality food and merchandise in five states throughout the Midwest. Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Meijer has nearly 200 stores and over 60,000 employees.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 2.00.21 PMIn order to provide the best service possible for their customers, Meijer collects large amounts of data used to measure performance. These data measurements, or metrics, are used by comparing data to desired goals or to other metrics.

One important area to monitor is that of Information Technology (IT). Providing low cost, available and reliable IT computer applications and infrastructure are keys to remaining a leading company in the competitive supercenter business.

Our IT Metrics Repository provides Meijer’s IT group with an easy and flexible means of creating, storing, viewing and updating IT metrics. Users can create, edit and populate new metrics along with corresponding goals. New metrics can be based on existing metrics.

Metrics are viewed via user generated reports, which present graphs and tables of the metrics over a user selected time range. Each metric’s performance is compared to its goal.

Our IT Metrics Repository is a web-based application developed in Microsoft’s .NET framework using C#. Microsoft SQL Server 2012 with Reporting Services is used for our database backend.

Team Members: David Culham, Anthony Pierre Cromartie III, Bobak Shahidehpour

Team Members: David Culham, Anthony Pierre Cromartie III, Bobak Shahidehpour


MozillaCorporation: Multi-Touch Gestures for Firefox

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 2.08.49 PMEvery day, millions of users choose the Firefox browser to navigate the web. Mozilla Corporation, the creator of Firefox, is committed to providing the best web browser experience in today’s market in order to retain their existing users and to attract new ones. In particular, modern users expect the same touch features found on their mobile devices to be present on their laptops and desktops as well.
Multi-Touch Gestures for Firefox, done in collaboration with Mozilla Firefox developers, provides improved gesture support for Firefox on Apple OS X and Microsoft Windows by introducing pinch and rotate gesture features, as well as double-tap on OS X. The gestures are input using a trackpad or touchscreen capable of recognizing multiple touches simultaneously, which are standard on many current laptop models and is available as an accessory for the iMac.

Multi-Touch Gestures for Firefox provides the ability to use the pinch or double-tap gestures to zoom in or out while surfing the web. These two gestures work on any web page.

The rotate gesture allows the user to rotate an image opened directly (known as a synthetic image document). Unlike the zooming gestures, which are featured in other web browsers, this new rotate feature is unique to Firefox.

Gesture recognition is performed by the operating system. The resulting gesture events are sent to Firefox. JavaScript is used to create XUL elements and CSS properties that display the rotated or zoomed web content.

Team Members: Raymond Heldt, Guilherme de Araujo, Brandon Waterloo

Team Members: Raymond Heldt, Guilherme de Araujo, Brandon Waterloo


MSU Federal Credit Union: Mobile Information App for Staff

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 2.16.31 PMWith over $2.25 billion in assets and 168,000 members, Michigan State University Federal Credit Union, or MSUFCU, is the largest university-based credit union in the world.

MSUFCU strongly believes that effective communication plays a key role in the success of an organization.

Our Mobile Information App for Staff enhances and strengthens communication within MSUFCU by providing an easy and convenient way for staff to access information regarding important events, news and announcements directly from their iPhone, iPad or Android mobile devices.

MSUFCU employees always have the latest details of upcoming staff meetings, charity events, credit union holidays and paydays right at their fingertips. Events can be integrated directly with users’ mobile devices so they can receive notifications prior to the start of events.

All of the events, news and announcements to be published are edited through an online website interface, making it easy to share information and keep everyone abreast of the latest developments at MSUFCU.

Our Mobile Information App for Staff system is comprised of three distinct apps including a native iPhone app, a native Android app and a web app.

The iPhone app is written in Objective C. The Android app is written in Java. The web app is implemented in PHP, JavaScript and a MySQL database backend

Team Members: Yen Han Shih, Clay Reimann, Angel M. Hemmes, Hassan Alhulaymi

Team Members: Yen Han Shih, Clay Reimann, Angel M. Hemmes, Hassan Alhulaymi


Spectrum Health System: SLA Management and Metric Reporting System

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 2.21.37 PMSpectrum Health Systems, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, provides high quality, high value healthcare through its nine hospitals in West Michigan, which are maintained by 19,000 employees, 1,500 physicians, and 2,600 active volunteers.

In order to manage such a large and complex organization, Spectrum Health leadership must be able to know how well they are meeting their business objectives and service-level agreements. Business metrics help leadership evaluate progress of business initiatives and assist in decision-making.

Our SLA Management and Metric Reporting System allows metric data to be managed easily and viewed by users. Leadership can quickly view data using succinct scorecards that display up to six months of metric data.

Designated users can define new metrics and scorecards. A metric creator can designate specific users to enter monthly data, choose the scorecards on which to display the metric data, and add detailed information about the metric, such as the method used to calculate the data.

Once the monthly data has been entered, leadership can review the completed scorecard. Information is presented in a color-coded format. Monthly values that hit their target are shaded green, while unsatisfactory values are shaded yellow or red, depending on the severity.

Our SLA Management and Metric Reporting System is written in HTML, CSS and jQuery. The data is stored in a MySQL server and the backend API is written in PHP.

Team Members: Lisa Ossian, Shen Qin, Ian Salatka

Team Members: Lisa Ossian, Shen Qin, Ian Salatka


TechSmith: American Sign Language Learning App

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 2.30.17 PMLearning American Sign Language (ASL) is an interactive process between students and teachers. Feedback from teachers is needed for students to learn proper technique.

Even when traditional classroom settings are not available, the same interactions are required to effectively learn ASL.

Our American Sign Language Learning App, developed in collaboration with TechSmith, bridges this gap by allowing students and teachers of ASL to learn and teach remotely.

Teachers use the app to create lesson plans for their students either by bookmarking YouTube videos or creating videos themselves. Students review the lessons, record themselves signing and send the video to their teacher.

Teachers critique students’ recorded videos by annotating the video with lines, arrows, circles, text or voice. After critiquing, teachers send the video back to their students.

There are two different options for teaching and learning. A teacher and student can share the same device in person. Or, a teacher and student can use separate devices with the video being shared between devices via a backend server.

Our American Sign Language Learning App runs on a Microsoft Surface tablet. The tablet, along with Windows RT, allows us to create a rich, interactive learning environment.

Our app is written in C# backed by a SQL database.

Team Members: Malcom Doering, Michelle Truong, Adam Crane

Team Members: Malcom Doering, Michelle Truong, Adam Crane


Urban Science: Dealership Consultant Mobile App

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 2.33.03 PMUrban Science provides automobile manufacturers and dealers worldwide with software tools and analysis that enable their clients to evaluate and manage their dealer networks more effectively and more efficiently.

The Dealership Consultant Mobile App enables Urban Science consultants and field personnel to prepare for and to manage dealer visits by providing mobile access to dealer key performance indicators (KPIs) and by providing ways to track dealer visits using an iPad.

Consultants use our Dealership Consultant Mobile App in a variety of valuable ways. For example, they use it to prepare for consultations. The application identifies areas for dealer improvement based on KPIs, showing value, rank and percentile. Visually appealing graphs and charts are used to present the information to dealers in meaningful ways.

During dealer visits, consultants use our Dealership Consultant Mobile App to document the visit including agreements on areas, tasks and timeframes for improvements. These are then tracked to determine if the desired effects are achieved.

In addition, our app provides historical trends of KPIs by dealer thereby giving consultants and dealers a better understanding of the effects of changes over time and better ideas for making improvements in the future.

The application is implemented using Cordova, JavaScript, HTML5 and PHP to access data on a SQL database.

Team Members: Joseph Greer, Yevgeny, Austin Hendry

Team Members: Joseph Greer, Yevgeny, Austin Hendry


Whirlpool Corporation: Guided Cooking and Recipe App 

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 2.35.56 PMWhirlpool Corporation, headquartered in Benton Harbor, Michigan, is a worldwide innovator in manufacturing a diverse range of household appliances and technologies.

As an innovator in the field, Whirlpool now offers “Connected Appliances” that give customers new ways to interact with their appliances.

As expected, our Guided Cooking and Recipe App is a cooking and recipe guide that provides recipes including the typical lists of ingredients and preparation instructions along with cooking steps. The remarkable feature of our app is that eventually it will be able to communicate directly with a new line of Whirlpool ovens, displaying the cooking steps directly on an oven’s touchscreen display.

Whirlpool customers can create their own customizable version of the guide. They can personalize existing recipes and add recipes of their own. Ingredients that a customer does not have are added to their individual shopping list by simply clicking a button.

Select Whirlpool employees are given administrator rights, which grant them the capability to add edit and remove recipes.

Our Guided Cooking and Recipe App uses a variety of technologies including PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and JavaScript.

Team Members: Zach Jones, Nicholas Kecskes, Josh Marti, Duncan FInney

Team Members: Zach Jones, Nicholas Kecskes, Josh Marti, Duncan Finney