Computer Science


On Design Day, the computer science capstone teams compete for four prestigious awards.

Throughout the morning, each team presents their project to a panel of judges in Engineering Building, Room 3405.

Visitors are welcome to attend.

The schedule of presentations is given on the Computer Science and Engineering Schedule page.

Auto-Owners Exposition Award

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CSE 498 capstone teams present their projects on Design Day in a variety of ways. Teams create and set up an exhibit where they demonstrate their projects and answer questions from Design Day attendees, which include corporate clients, families, friends, faculty, and students, along with hundreds of local middle and high school students. In addition, as part of the award competition, teams give a formal presentation to a panel of corporate judges.

The CSE capstone team with the best overall Design Day performance is honored with the Auto-Owners Exposition Award, which is sponsored by Auto-Owners Insurance of Lansing, Michigan.

Team General Motors

My Conference Room

Tom Smale, Matt Tarnowsky, Jeff Girbach, Daniel Bachelis

Presented by Sue Snodgrass, Erin McLaughlin, Bob Buchanan, and Scott Lake

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Chrysler Praxis Award

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One of the hallmarks of CSE 498 capstone projects is that of praxis, the process of putting theoretical knowledge into practice. Teams apply a wide variety of information technologies to produce solutions to complex problems in areas such as business, engineering, computing, and science.

The CSE capstone team that engineers the software system that is the most technically challenging is recognized with the Chrysler Praxis Award, which is sponsored by Chrysler LLC of Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Team Mozilla 

Multi-Tough Gestures for Firefox

Bill de Araujo, Ray Heldt, Brandon Waterloo

Presented by Karen Wrobel

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TechSmith Screencast Award

Each CSE 498 capstone team produces a video that describes and demonstrates their software product. Starting with a storyboard and a script, teams use Camtasia Studio to synthesize screen recordings, video, audio and other multimedia to produce their project videos.

And the TechSmith Screencast Award goes to…the CSE capstone team with the best project video. The award is sponsored by the creators of Camtasia Studio, TechSmith of Okemos, Michigan.

Team Whirlpool

Guided Cooking and Recipe App

Zach Jones, Nick Kecskes, Duncan Finney, Josh Marti

Presented by Dean Creaven

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Urban Science Sigma Award

The CSE 498 experience represents the capstone of the educational career of each computer science major. An intense semester of teamwork produces impressive deliverables that include a formal technical specification, software, documentation, user manuals, a video, a team web site, and Design Day participation. The resulting sum, the capstone experience, is much greater than the parts.

The capstone team that delivers the best overall capstone experience is recognized with the Urban Science Sigma Award, which is sponsored by Urban Science of Detroit, Michigan.

Team Techsmith

American Sign Language Learning App

Malcolm Doering, Michelle Truong, Adam Crane

Presented by Greg Davidson

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Design Day Panel of Judges

  • April Clobes – MSU Federal Credit Union, East Lansing, Michigan
  • Greg Davidson – Urban Science, Detroit, Michigan
  • Mike Drazan – The Toro Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Rich Enbody – Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan
  • Louise Hemond-Wilson – IBM, Somers, New York
  • Vandy Johnson- XRS Corporation, Prairie, Minnesota
  • David Mysona – Blackstone Technology Group, San Francisco, California
  • Kevin Ohl – Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan
  • Marty Strickler-Rose Packing Company, Barrington, Illinois
  • Karen Wrobel – Chrysler, Auburn Hills, Michigan

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