Electrical Engineering


The Electrical and Computer Engineering projects will be presented in the MSU Union, Lake Huron Room, which is located on the third floor. Visitors are encouraged to attend, admission is free and open to the public. The schedule of presentations is given below.

Schedule of Team Presentations

MSU Union, Lake Huron Room 

 Time       Team                                                                              

8:00        Tanzania Humanitarian Project
Project: GSM Data Link for Satellite Control

8:25        Texas Instruments
Project: Wireless Sensing System for Intelligent Concrete Curing

8:50        Air Force Research Laboratory
Project: Android Enabled Programmable Camera Positioning System

9:15        Air Force Research Laboratory
Project: A Minimal Size, Weight and Power System for Key Length Value Metadata Generation for Remotely Piloted Vehicle Sensors

9:40        Break

10:00     Lincoln Laboratory
Project: Interactive Radar Demonstration for Children

10:25     MSU Zoology Department
Project: Animatronic Hyena for Field Research in Kenya

10:50     XG Sciences
Project: Battery Cell Testing Chamber, an Accurate Control System                                                    

11:15       Batelle
Project: Remote Control and Monitoring of Sensors by Android Smartphone

11:40      ArcelorMittal
Project: Blast Furnace Moisture Measurement