Electrical Engineering

Non-Capstone Projects

In addition to the Electrical and Computer Engineering capstone projects, two Electrical and Computer Engineering classes display their work at Design Day:

ECE 101 is an elective course introducing freshmen students to Electrical and Computer Engineering through a series of innovative hands-on laboratory experiments linked to new research and teaching areas.

ECE 410: Very large scale integration (VLSI) design is an elective course in which student teams are challenged to design the schematic and physical layout of an 8-bit microprocessor data path, including an Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU), a barrel shifter, and a register file, using CMOS circuitry and Cadence VLSI design tools.

ECE 101 and ECE 410 projects will be exhibited on the second floor of the MSU Union Building from 9:30 until noon. For more information on this term’s projects, please see the Design Day Booklet for more information.