Mechanical Engineering


Team Project Exhibits

The Mechanical Engineering capstone projects are on exhibit in the Engineering Building from 8:00 a.m. until noon. The exhibits are located in the 1200 hallway.

Admission is free and open to the public. Visitors are welcome.

Team Presentations

Throughout the morning, the capstone teams give formal presentations in Engineering Building Rooms 1202, 1220 and 1300. The team that produces the most outstanding technical design project is presented with the Thomas Alva Edison Design Award; the team that gives the best technical project presentation receives the ME 481 Project Presentation Award.

Schedule of Presentations

Engineering Building Room 1202

Time       Sponsor    

8:00      Consumers Energy
Project: Guidelines to Relocating Natural Gas Mains

8:30       MSU Spartan Marching Band
Project: Redesign Equipment Trailer

9:00     Ingersoll Rand – Trane
Project: Lifting Lug Redesign

9:30        NSCL
Project: Design of a Clover Detector Support Frame

10:00     Ingersoll Rand – Trane
Project: Airflow Measurement System

10:30     Hitachi
Project: Tabletop Wind Tunnel

11:00     MSU Recycling (Note: This is a joint project with ECE)
Project: Automated Waste Detection

Schedule of Presentations

Engineering Building Room 1220

Time       Sponsor  

8:00       ArcelorMittal
Project: Steel Coil Transfer Car

8:30       BorgWarner
Project: Active P0 FEAD Tensioning System

9:00       Fraunhofer
Project: Cyclic Impact Tester for PVD Thin Film Coating Evaluations

9:30       Eaton
Project: Torque Limiter Test Fixture

9:45       NASA/ASU (Note: This presentation takes place in Room 2205)
Project: Neutral Flux Probe (Joint project with ECE)

10:00      General Motors
Project: Active Force Feedback Device

10:30       Michigan AgrAbililty
Project: Beehive Lifter Axle

Schedule of Presentations

Engineering Building Room 1300

Time       Sponsor 

8:00     Heartwood School, Ingham ISD
Project: Mobile Multi-Functional Therapy Station

8:30       MSU Adaptive Sports & Recreation Club
Project: Asymmetrical Arm Function Sports Wheelchair

9:00       EPA
Project: On-Demand Server Tower Cooling

9:30        Whirlpool
Project: Water Delivery for Self-Cleaning Dryer

10:00      Ford
Project: High Pressure Calibration Gas Cylinder Filling Station

10:30      Kautex Textron
Project: Enhancing Predictive Capacity in CAE Testing

11:00       Marathon
Project: Horizontal Directional Drilling