Civil Engineering


Each Civil and Environmental Engineering team is responsible for developing a design that addresses environmental, geotechnical, hydrological, pavement, transportation, and structural issues for the project. A student project manager coordinates each team. Design reports are judged by the faculty; progress reports and the oral presentations are judged by a board of practicing professionals.

The Fall 2018 project and teams were:


Michigan State University Water Treatment & Storage

Michigan State University has proposed a massive improvement to the campus water distribution system, with the construction of a new water treatment plant and elevated storage tank on campus. The University is currently constructing a 2 million gallon water tower to replace the function of the water reservoir on campus. The water tower must be connected to a proposed water treatment plant located immediately south of Service Drive, west of Farm Lane. The students in CE 495 provided a preliminary design for the infrastructure improvements necessary to procure this project for construction.

This design project includes an 11,500 gross square foot water treatment plant which will include water treatment processes such as chlorination and fluoridation (in addition to iron removal), which are currently done at the reservoir. The old reservoir will be taken out of service when the new water treatment plant becomes operational. Total construction costs are estimated to be $18 million, with operational opening date in Spring 2020. This project will improve water quality and reliability throughout the campus and is designed to meet future needs projected in the next 40 years.

Key: E = Environmental, G = Geotechnical, H = Hydrology, P = Pavements, PM = Project Manager S = Structures, and T = Transportation


Team 1: Elite Engineering 

Left to Right: Jeremy Swiatek (G), Mitchell Murray (S), Kate Richardson (H), George Kariagi (T), Julia McClafferty (PM), Logan Williams (E), Ben Mozio (P)


Team 2: PURE Consulting Group

Left to Right: Kevin Hefferman (G), Yuheng Luo (S), Emily Sullivan (PM), Evan Pohlmann (T), Kayla Ghiata (E), Shane McVeigh (H), Coty Southworth (P)


Team 3: Sustainable Engineering Consultants

 Left to Right: Ana Kusmortceva (S), Colin Dumond (PM), Jordan Most (T), Jon Mahut (E), David Ravitz (H), Nolan Denslow (P), Jade Taylor-Diaz (G)


Team 4: Exponential Engineering 

Left to Right: Bradford Shelle (P), Anyssa Schember (E), Diego Acevedoquintanilla (H), Stephen Subu (PM), Anatasia Matta (T), Nick Borkowski (S)


Team 5: Spartaneers Consultancy

Left to Right: Xianzhao Jiang (H), Kartik Sewani (G), Saeed Almarri (T), Farish Jazlan (PM), Elise Walker (E), Jazz Hao (P), Chen Cheng (S)


Team 6: Spartan Sustainable Solutions

Back row, left to right: Alex Iliev (S), Nadean Shovels (T), Nolan O’Brien (P) Front row, left to right: Stacey Hannula (E), Madison Gropp (PM), Zachary Purtill (H)


Team 7: East Lansing Technical

Back row, left to right: Andrew Sjogren (PM), Adam Marshall (E), Kellen Boyd (H) Front row, left to right: Sahira Melo (P), Briana Wendland (S), William Zatezalo (T)