Fall 2017 Awards

EGR 100 Design Project (Tie)

Two EGR 100 teams tied for the EGR 100 Design Project Award

Photo 1

The winning EGR 100 team was taught by Prof. Jenahvive Morgan

Photo 2

ME 371 Best Project Award

Prof. Michael Lavagnino’s winning ME 371 team was selected by visiting high school students.

Photo 3

ECE 480 Design Award

The ECE 480 team, led by Profs. John Albrecht and Lalita Udpa, won the Kids’ Choice Award with their “Autonomous Robot Navigation.”

Photo 4

VEX Robotics Programming and Race

Mr. Bob Watson once again taught VEX Robotics. The winning team is from Jackson High School. Congrats!

Photo 5

Bridge Building and Deflection Testing

Women in Engineering, with a winning Bridge Build was instructed by Mr. Dean Buggia

Trebuchet Design and Competition

The trebuchet toss was designed and taught by Mr. John Plough, East Lansing High School AP Physics teacher. The winning group is from the Kalamazoo Area Math and Science Center.