Electrical Engineering


The Electrical and Computer Engineering projects will be on display in the Engineering Building from 8:00 a.m. until noon. The displays are located on the first floor in the 1300 hallway.

Admission is free and open to the public.

Throughout the morning, each capstone team gives a formal presentation in Rooms 2205 & 2250 Engineering Building, which are located on the second floor of the Engineering Building. Visitors are encouraged to attend. The schedule of presentations is given below.

Schedule of Team Presentations

Room 2205 Engineering Building

 Time       Team                                                                              

8:30      Union Pacific
Project: Electricity Generation from Hot Rails

8:55      Union Pacific
Project: Regeneration Railcar Braking

9:20      Continental AG
Project: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

9:45      MSU College of Veterinary Medicine
Project: Sow Identification and Data Transfer

10:10    MSU ECE Department
Project: Radar Micro-Doppler Classification for Autonomous Vehicles

10:35     MSU EMRG
Project: Autoclave System for Thin Film Lamination

Room 2250 Engineering Building

 Time       Team                                                                              

8:30        NDE Lab at MSU
Project: Eddy Current Conductivity Meter

8:55        MSU ECE Department
Project: Autonomous Robot Navigation

9:20       ArcelorMittal
Project: Process Automation Monitor

9:45      MSU ECE Department
Project: Handheld Device to Detect Cracks in Aircraft

10:10     Fraunhofer
Project: SpartanStat: A Portable Potentiostat for the Detection of Heavy Metals