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Rolla C. Carpenter Senior Design Award

The Rolla C. Carpenter Senior Design Award ($700 and plaques) is presented to the best team as judged by the faculty and a panel of practicing engineers.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 1.52.49 PMRolla C. Carpenter, Renaissance Engineer, was a graduate of The State Agricultural College in 1873 with a Bachelor of Science degree. After earning a Master of Science Civil Engineering, he was appointed professor of the Department of Mathematics and Civil Engineering at the State Agricultural College, which would later become MSU. He designed bridges, built ice houses, taught students French, astronomy, mathematics, mechanical drawing, hydrostatics, hydraulics, survey, and civil engineering.

He prepared the design and working drawings for the Farm Lane Bridge, laid a water supply pipe to Williams and Wells Halls, and designed a pile driver for a dam built across the Red Cedar River. He later designed several buildings on campus, including the Mechanical Building, which was constructed in 1885. Throughout all of his work on campus, he involved students throughout the analysis, design, and construction, forming what was essentially the first senior capstone design class.

Rolla C. Carpenter Senior Design Award Winners

Team Entourage Engineering

Tom Bonney, Chris Rothhaar, Steven McConnell, Alex Wangeman, Alex Zuker, Kaleb Sondgerath, Tony Brehmer